Two Waves One Ocean: a solo show by Upendo

Behind the scenes look
Free Admission    |  Apr 17, 2021  |  3:00PM - 7:00PM
Ewkuks Graffiti & Streetart Flagship

“Two Waves One Ocean” – a solo show by Upendo, is a battle of the egos showcasing an internal war of clashing personalities that we all struggle with at times. On the one hand there is Upendo – known for his focused abstract chaos that is his signature Biomorphic Surrealism. With his style, Upendo creates movement and flow that transcends the “norm” of pattern and design. The shapes create make music together. They interact. They’re social. With his use of contrasting negative and positive space, Upendo creates depth that pulls you in.

And then on the other side, constantly trying to distract Upendo and get him to stray from his usual style is the always-menacing, all-play & no-work alter ego – TrashJuice. He is like the devil on your shoulder; the friend that always wants to get into trouble; the one that tries to get you to stray. Though there are hints of Upendo’s abstract design in the work of TrashJuice, there is a clear separation of style in the playfulness of Trashjuice’s body of artwork. Incorporating well known cartoon characters, musicians, and other artists into an amalgamation of pop and abstract art into his distinctive bootleg mashup stylings.

Together they are like Yin and Yang – polar opposites that balance each other perfectly. Can you have fun without working hard? Is it still focus and concentration if there are no distractions? Both sides of Upendo are very different from each other, but at the same time, the opposing forces end up synchronizing, working together in a dichotomous symbiotic relationship.

Upendo Taylor is a Watts, California native who decided to take his studies and talents to the East Coast. Taking on New York City, Upendo drew his inspiration from the streets and his experiences, including the sights, the sounds, the energy, and the feel of the city. His work is fluid, giving it the ability to effortlessly flow through different industries, mediums, apparel, music, sports, pop culture, and even political issues. Upendo’s work adapts, taking on new shape and form where ever it is applied. Through his drawing, computer design, and painting, Upendo has collaborated and worked with brands such as Nike, Adidas, World Industries Skateboards, Akademics, Burton, Guess, Gatorade, Columbia/Sony Records, Vh1, Raphael Saadiq, Stones Throw Records, Strong Arm Steady, Black Milk, and Danny Brown. While cultivating his passion for art and design, in 2005 Upendo partnered with Ron Upperman, and together, two artists started the apparel brand, Leroy Jenkins. With an avant-garde design Leroy Jenkins has built a global audience and a cache of tastemakers – most recently recognized by Jay-Z, who’s been seen worldwide rocking the Leroy Jenkins cap.

Join us and Upendo at Ewkuks Gallery for the Opening Day of “Two Waves One Ocean.” New Works, New, Canvases, and MORE!!

As this is an in-person art show during a global pandemic, in order to ensure the health and safety of you, the artist, and us… this show will mainly take place during normal daily business hours with a slightly extended viewing time. The show will also be a first-come-first-in entrance along with mandatory properly worn masks/face coverings, social distancing indoors and in-line outside, 15-person maximum indoors at one given time, and a 15 mins viewing time. A Virtual Show will also be provided online after Opening Day.

Opening Day – Saturday, April 17th 3:00pm to 8:00pm
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