ACTING FOR TEENS features performance, singing, dance, high school and college theatre prep

Teens help create an original musical play
Dues: $495; sibling discounts and financial aid available – just ask!    |  Feb 22 - May 23, 2020  |  9:00AM - 11:30AM
Santa Monica Playhouse

“She got the part at Disney, and she got into NYU. And it’s all because of you!” exclaims mom and former Armani model Christina Silvers. In this specially designed workshop program for teens 12 to 17 students plunge into the world of theatre and acting through a unique experience found only at Santa Monica Playhouse. Members of Teen Performance Lab work with theatre professionals in a supportive and dynamic atmosphere to create an original production based on the world in which they live, unleashing each student’s infinite creativity. Students study the world-renowned Playhouse acting method, learning how to build a trusting ensemble and create truthful characterizations. Classes also focus on voice and movement, makeup and costumes. Each session culminates in a fully mounted stage production. Added bonuses include a new-found sense of self, increased confidence, and learning how to deal with pressure and stress. Limited class size means every student receives personal attention, developing the ability to excel in performance on any stage and in any artistic endeavor - theatre, dance, musical performance, television, film – from school productions to the Broadway stage. Playhouse alumni include Jason Ritter, Zoey Deschanel, Emily Deschanel, Obi Ndefo, Jason Segel, Mickey Madden, Shana Feste, Rina Mimoun. “Thank you for changing my life!” says Teen Lab veteran S. Jimenez.