Crowell Library: Precision Healthcare 2020

Hal Slavkin
free    |  Jan 21 - 28, 2020  |  12:30PM - 2:00PM

Hal Slavkin, Professor and Dean Emeritus from USC, returns to Crowell Library on two Tuesdays, January 21st and January 28th, with two lectures on the advances in healthcare based on new understanding of the human genome. The U.S. healthcare system as it exists essentially rations healthcare by income class or socioeconomic status. According to Dr. Slavkin, the U.S. currently pays more for healthcare than any other industrial nation in the world in terms of percent gross domestic product at 18.9% with Switzerland 2nd at 12.3%. Current spending of $3.5 trillion for healthcare (for >70% of population) will become $5.6 trillion by 2027. How can we increase access to the entire U.S. population, reduce costs to 10% GDP, and improve health outcomes? Profoundly significant discoveries have and are being made that can provide innovation and transformation for US healthcare. This lecture series will highlight what is and what might be. Hal Slavkin received undergraduate (English Literature) and dental degrees from USC. After postdoctoral studies at UCLA, he returned to USC as full-time faculty (1968-2014) and department chair of Biochemistry, and director of the research group in Craniofacial Molecular Biology. As dean of the dental school, he spent five years as director of NIDCR at the NIH during the Clinton Administration (1995-2000). He is Member of National Academy of Medicine. He published 570 scientific papers, edited 11 books, authored two texts, one novel, and wrote and produced the PBS program, A Lifetime of Change. He serves on Boards of LA Trust for Children’s Health and Santa Fe Group, an advocacy group created to address underserved populations with respect to access, quality and cost of health care. The Group is presently working to add oral health benefits to Medicare. He supports wife’s gourmet cooking by chopping and washing dishes, pots and pans and also loving “Molly” a Cavalier King Charles puppy of four months. This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Library. No reservations are required.