The groundbreaking live attraction of Nerf Challenge brings all of the high-octane action and competitive fun of NERF into a 50,000 square foot, adrenaline-pumping, action-packed active play experience. Nerf Challenge features off-the-wall experiences playfully designed to test your focus, dexterity, and skill across multiple play styles. Fans can also test their speed and accuracy in specially designed activations utilizing NERF’s iconic blasters and sports products. With thousands of blasters, and MILLIONS of Darts, this is every NERF fan’s dream come to life. This, is Nerf Challenge!
Among the many interactive activations to experience are:
DODGE BLAST: Partner up to storm a fortified position held by your friends or family, using NERF blasters to score points on stationary targets all while avoiding a barrage of darts from above.
THE ARENAS: Grab a blaster and lead your team to victory in one of three custom-themed 4,500 square foot NERF competitive arenas.
COLOSSAL FOOSBALL: In this super-sized version of the classic game, you and your friends can step on to the field and complete in a larger-than-life game of Foosball.
WRECKING BOWLING: Try your hand at bowling, NERF style! Strap in and become a human wrecking ball with a single purpose: scoring the elusive strike!
TRY-ATHLON: The ultimate test of speed and agility, this soft play obstacle course is designed to put your athletic prowless to the test, in a race to the finish.
Nerf Challenge is an active play experience featuring products designed for ages 8 and up and 14 and up. Parental consent and direct supervision is required for participation by guests younger than the suggested age ranges.  All guests entering the premises participate at their own risk. Furthermore, all guests entering the premises agree to adhere to all posted signs, warnings, rules, and safety instructions, whether written or given verbally by authorized Nerf Challenge staff at all times. 
Nerf Challenge is ADA Accessible. Please note that certain activations may not be suitable for all guests. ADA designated service animals are allowed. However, no other pets or animals are allowed at Nerf Challenge.
All guest are required to sign a Liability Waiver to activate their tickets prior to entering the Nerf Challenge. Guests under 18 years of age must have their waiver signed by a parent or authorized guardian. Your waiver(s) will be sent via e-mail with further instructions following your ticket purchase confirmation. 
Prior to entering Nerf Challenge, all guests are required to activate their tickets by signing participation waivers. We strongly encourage guests to complete this process prior to arrival to expedite entry. Please bring your ticket (or e-ticket), and a photo ID. We strongly suggest wearing comfortable clothing, and athletic shoes. Nerf Challenge activations involve varying levels of physical activity and movement. NERF blasters and darts are provided at Nerf Challenge. No outside blasters or darts are allowed on site.
When you arrive at Nerf Challenge, you will be directed to one of our ticketing Kiosks, or to the customer service area, where we will scan your ticket and you can set up your player profile, and receive your RFID wristband. Your 3-hour play time begins when you receive your wristband. Please note: Protective Eyewear must be worn at all times at any blaster activation. Eyewear will be distributed at each activation that requires it.
Groups of ten or more receive discounted admission and advance access to tickets. To purchase group ticket, please contact AEG Group Sales at 877-234-8425 or please email:
Parking is available at L.A. LIVE in the West Gararage (Lot W, Gates E & F) and East Garage (Lot E). For more information, Click Here.
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