Pre-Holiday Stress-Proofing Open House

Fit and Bendy
Free    |  Nov 17, 2019  |  2:00PM - 5:00PM

A Free Workshop & Community Event to Bulletproof Yourself From Seasonal Stress Staring down the barrel of another holiday season may fill you with delight, but the holidays are also known for stress. Travel, family, unusual amounts of merry-making, social pressures can all add up to a tight, cranky, painful body. Pre-game this holiday season here at FaB with stress-reducing offerings from a variety of local vendors to up your self care game this season, and learn some techniques to dispel physical tension. We will be teaching a 20-minute stretch and strengthen routine every hour on the half hour designed to target the muscles and nerves that are most susceptible to stress (and we will be posting this routine on YouTube in case you need a refresher after that holiday party). Sometimes a little body love can go a long way in helping you make it through.