Double Feature! Actress Laura Dern In Person!
$15 General, $13 Cinematheque Members    |  Nov 16, 2019  |  7:30PM - 11:55PM

Double Feature: BLUE VELVET, 1986, Park Circus/MGM, 120 min. Dir. David Lynch. Squeaky-clean suburbanite Jeffrey (Kyle MacLachlan) gets a crash course in the dark side of life when he stumbles upon a severed ear in a field near his home. Before his amateur investigation is over, he encounters kidnapping, murder, sexual assault, Isabella Rossellini as a tormented torch singer and Dennis Hopper as one of the scariest villains in film history. Director David Lynch combines Hitchcockian suspense, surrealist imagery and a Hardy Boys plot to create a one-of-a-kind Grimm’s fairy tale for adults. Laura Dern and Dean Stockwell costar. WILD AT HEART, 1990, Park Circus/MGM, 124 min. Dir. David Lynch. Blending elements of THE WIZARD OF OZ and CINDERELLA (!) with a catalog of film noir subplots, director David Lynch leads us on an intoxicating, bizarrely perverse Southwestern odyssey with romantic ex-con and Elvis fan Sailor (Nicolas Cage) and his teen girlfriend Lulu (Laura Dern) as they flee psycho matriarch Diane Ladd (Dern’s real-life mom). With an unforgettable Willem Dafoe as demonic slimeball Bobby Peru. Also starring Harry Dean Stanton and Isabella Rossellini. This film was initially in danger of getting an X rating, until Lynch was forced to make cuts to earn an R. Introduction by actress Laura Dern. Special Ticket Prices: $15 General, $13 Cinematheque Members.