“Pulvis Nigrum” Black Gunpowder

At Lois Lambert Gallery, Tomás Ochoa, "Amazonia on Fire", 9.85"x 140", Gunpowder on canvas
Free    |  Nov 16 - Jan 4, 2019 - 2020  |  6:00PM

Lois Lambert Gallery presents Colombian artist Tomás Ochoa, in a solo exhibition, “Pulvis Nigrum” (Black Gunpowder), a selection of pieces from two bodies of work “Paradise Black Line” and “Memento Mori”. Ochoa uses gunpowder and fire to transfer images onto canvas to explore the untouched landscape of the Sierra Nevada in Columbia. Due to paramilitary control and lack of development the landscape was well preserved. This allowed the region to grow into a paradise. “Memento Mori” presents the concept of ruins as an allegory and “Paradise Black Line” juxtaposes idyllic imagery with the violence that has allowed such preservation.’