ARRAY 360: Reclaiming Narratives

FREE    |  Oct 19, 2019  |  12:00PM - 2:00PM

Bypassing media headlines and misrepresentations, this duo of phenomenal short form work delves into the personal narratives of two young women who have been overlooked by mass society but cannot be forgotten. Filmmakers Garrett Bradley and Sophia Nahli Allison will be together in conversation to discuss the power of reclaiming narratives through non-fiction film.

Director: Garrett Bradley
Year: 2017
With her fiancé in jail, single mother, Alone Watts, must now decide whether to go through with their planned wedding. This documentary short film investigates the layers of mass incarceration and its shaping of the modern black American family, as seen through the eyes of a single mother in New Orleans, Louisiana.

A Love Song for Latasha
Director: Sophia Nahli Allison
Year: 2019
An experimental short documentary of a dreamlike archive in conversation with the past and the present to reimagine a more nuanced narrative of Latasha Harlins by excavating intimate and poetic memories shared by her cousin and best friend. Los Angeles Premiere.