Femmes The Rules: A Comedy Show where Men Get Interrupted

Femmes The Rules
$5    |  Oct 14, 2019  |  8:00PM - 10:00PM

Femmes The Rules is a stand up comedy show where men get interrupted. It’s all in good fun! Male comedians are paired with female (or non-binary) comedians. During the male comedian’s set, the female comedian he’s paired with can interrupt him with commentary, riffs, and dole out arbitrary strikes. Once the man’s set is (finally) done, the woman does her set and you better believe the man has to just sit and watch quietly. This month we got the hosts of Lady to Lady to stop by and do some good ol' fashioned interruptin! Babs Gray & Jeff Wattenhofer Tess Barker & Scott Luhrs Brandie Posey & Rivers Langley This month's resident ally: Keith Carey Hosted by your pals: Mary Jane French & Sarah Mowrey October 14 @ 8pm | Lyric Hyperion| $5