Wander Factory - Find the clues to the show

$36-150    |  Oct 11, 2019  |  6:00PM - 11:00PM

Ponder to wander a night of wonder
WAnder away,
to find your way.
WΩnder where to go,
to find the show.

The city is your playground and the plot is about to transpire, fear not as the clues will show you where you desire.

Play my game and roll the dice.

As it’s the less you pay the more you play as we always pay the price for instant gratification.

For as in search of the destination that lies the story of internal inspiration to bring those you care about to enjoy an experience.

As the game of scavengery sounds so scoundrel to counter black-tie attire is of the utmost desire. But this is not a game of showing face so please do something to avert our gaze. Collaboration is key don’t you see.

This show was built to support art and creativity and those that in turn support others as well.

Create Now http://www.createnow.org has been selected to receive a donation from a percentage of artworks sold during the silent auction.

Upon reaching the final destination to see our creation(s) your journey of wAnder has finally come about to wΩnder what you are going to experience: there will be live performances, installations (some you can touch), walls full of creations, and peaceful live sound meditations, immersive experiences, the silent auction is on including artists based all over the United States.

Can’t say too much as it would spoil the surprise. I have to leave some for your eyes.


ARTISTS involved:
Stuart Mason
Shelbi Graham
Zak Blatt
Esten walker
Egor Sapov
Michael Keum
Niko Roberts
Can Buyukberber
Michael Strauss
Rafael Bustillos
More coming...


Torkom Ji

Ta ta for now

21+ Only
Self Parking

Is there a dress code for the event?

The dress code will be fine dress with black and white apparel. A mask is requested if you so wish to oblige but not mandatory.