Lilly Bright - American Standard: A Story of Enough

$15-25    |  Sep 19, 2019  |  8:30PM - 10:00PM
Highways Performance Space and Gallery

This original solo show is based on Bright’s true life story of surviving a near two-decade battle with bulimia and various “not-enough” demons, propelling her on an often comical, always poignant search for a cure, resulting in discovery of a path to imperfect wholeness and, ultimately, the courage to finally feel enough. Directed by Valerie Hager.


Lilly Bright is a writer, performer, and filmmaker living in Los Angeles since 2003. Her film career includes the production and distribution of award-winning features and documentaries under the banners of Curiously Bright Entertainment and Arthouse Films. Her play, American Standard: A Story of Enough, premiered in early 2018 in Santa Fe.