Dancing The Cosmic Body– The 13th Annual SOMAfest Embodyment Showcase

$25 General Admission; $20 Student/Senior/DRC    |  Sep 1, 2019  |  4:00PM - 6:00PM
Highways Performance Space and Gallery

Come celebrate the universal nature of our felt human existence bridging inner spaciousness into outer expression. New performance works by a cast of embodied artists, the Somatic Movement Arts Festival is known for pushing the edge of dance and performance, an immersion engaging the creative inquiry of embodiment in a landscape of dance, film, voice, and live music.

SOMAfest13 artists hail from across the U.S. plus Greece, including Teri Carter (L.A.), Caryn Heilman (NYC/Greece), Nana Simopoulis World Music (NYC/Greece), Fred Sugerman (L.A.), Amanda Laab (Milwaukee, WI), Evan Rosenblatt (Santa Clarita), Gabriel Francisco (Santa Rosa), Beverly Bhuener (L.A.), and the SOMAfest Performance Laboratory, all of whom present kinesthetically charged improvisational and contemporary dance/music infused with sensuality, aliveness, and innovation.