“Storytelling” - A Contemporary Pole Dance Workshop with Anna Grundstrom

60    |  Aug 30, 2019  |  7:00PM - 8:30PM

Connect your body to the stories that move you in this novel contemporary pole workshop created by Anna Grundstrom.  

Harness your own, personal artistry and articulate your truth through movement with a step by-step method that incorporates intention, rhythm, texture, and light improvisation to the kinetic phrase. This is your story, your voice, your narrative, and we will unlock that expression of self with experiments in contemporary choreography and musicality.  

No tricks are taught, but fledgling enthusiasts and elite pro polers looking to expand their movement vocabulary, or contemporary dancers seeking a new canvas to play on will equally benefit from the skills and techniques taught in this workshop.

NYC based artistic coach, pole choreographer and movement instructor Anna Grundstrom has traveled coast to coast coaching a wide range of pole competitors from newbies to the elite. Back in 2014, Anna choreographed and coached four winning PSO pieces, earning her consideration for the PSO Brian Friedman award. In 2015-2016, she served as the creative director and producer for the pole- based variety show Iron Candy at The Slipper Room and DROM in NYC featuring an all-star cast from across the nation.

Anna enjoys collaboration with other artists and has been part of numerous photo and visual arts projects, and live music, installation art, and poetry projects. When she’s not coaching or collaborating on projects, she’s teaching a weekly Pole Choreography class and a Friday Freestyle class at Incredipole in Brooklyn. Her focus is to teach students how artistically express themselves using the pole as a prop. She approaches pole/dance/movement by guiding students to connect with their stories and inner dialogue, navigate their emotional landscape, and to recognize their own body-mind connection. Her passion for sharing with students how to be the dance versus how to do the dance allowed her to create her signature workshop Storytelling, a contemporary- dance based pole workshop, which has been offered to various pole studios in the US and Sweden since 2012.

She also frequently merges her dance/movement work with her work as a certified resilience trainer. Anna recently created the workshop series Develop Your CLIMB where she introduces resilience skills and the science behind them in the form of a short lectures combined with movement- based exercises on and around the pole.

In addition, Anna has been a core dancer in Brook Notary’s The Pulse Project since 2011, a Finding Your Freestyle Ambassador since 2016, and performs regularly in NYC’s stand-up comedy/pole show Schtick It.

Learn more about Anna, her services, testimonials, and portfolio at www.annagrundstrom.com