How to Create a Business with Purpose

How to Create a Business with Purpose
FREE    |  Aug 29, 2019  |  6:30PM - 8:30PM

Join Repurpose Your Purpose for an interactive workshop all about Entrepreneurship and Purpose.


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It was never “just business” for you. You want to do something different, build an organization, a business, a project, a social enterprise or a non profit, that makes a difference.
You might have an idea of what it could be - maybe you already started working on it - or you are still trying to figure it out.
Maybe you are already deep into it - but something about it is know your Purpose, but it’s not working out for your personal life...or it’s working great for your personal life, but the making-a-difference part is simply not there...Ugh!

For your business to be fulfilling, it has to work at multiple levels: it needs to satisfy your deepest needs, foster authentic relationships, and have a bigger Purpose.


Join Repurpose Your Purpose on Thursday August 29 for an interactive workshop on How to Create a Business with Purpose. We will go on a journey of exploration to create a business with Self, Relations and the World at its centre.


You will have a chance to work on your idea, connect with others who are committed to making a difference and leave with new and deep insights.



Come ready to:

  • (RE)CONNECT with what truly LIGHTS you up
  • RELATE with both HEART and MIND to like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs
  • (RE)CONNECT with your PURPOSE - so you can infuse it into your business!

Psst: This is NOT going to be your typical workshop


More about this event:

This special event is offered as a gift and is part of TOUCH and FAB-gallery's special week-long series of live events. For a complete list of events, see here.



About REPURPOSE YOUR PURPOSE: A unique program to change careers, Repurpose your Purpose was designed, tested, and implemented over a number of years by Founder Aurora Meneghello. It was specifically created to support career changers in using what they already know to do something new. There is nothing like Repurpose Your Purpose: it is an experience designed to take you deep within yourself and then out into the world, (re)connecting yourself to your Self and others, in both personal and practical ways. It can be a truly life-changing jounrey. Read what Repurposers say about the program here.