ChefsFeed Indie Week

$125 - $175    |  Jul 19, 2019  |  6:30PM - 9:30PM

ChefsFeed Indie Week is popping up at Rossoblu in Los Angeles!

Each CFIW event features a curated crew of 24 all-star chefs coming together to host 12-course dinners Thursday-Sunday at killer restaurants across the country.

You’ll get to enjoy your meal a few feet from the choreography of the kitchen and have a chance to savor unmatched food and drink. It’s all the food, none of the pretense, and a lot more face time with the talent behind your meal.

Los Angeles ChefsFeed Indie Week Participating Chefs:

Tim Ma

American Son, Washington D.C.

Kevin Tien

Himitsu, Washington D.C.

Saw Naing

Tallula’s, Santa Monica, California

Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins

El Jardin, San Diego, California

Jon Yao

Kato Restaurant, Santa Monica, California

Carlos Delgado

China Chilcano, Washington D.C.

Steve Samson

Rossoblu, Los Angeles, California

Shota Nakajima

Adana, Seattle, Washington

Sally Camacho Mueller

Tesse Restaurant, Los Angeles, California

Nathan Barfield

Turkey & The Wolf, New Orleans, Louisiana

Melissa Miranda

Musang, Seattle, Washington

Max Boonthanakit

Nightshade, Los Angeles, California

Jessica Benefield

The Green Pheasant, Nashville, Tennessee

Trey Burnette

The Green Pheasant, Nashville, Tennessee

Chad Valencia LASA, Los Angeles, California

Valerie Gordon

Valerie’s Confections, Los Angeles, California

Libby Willis

MeMe’s Diner, New York, New York

Jonathan Whitener

Here’s Looking At You, Los Angeles, California

Jason Fullilove

Magic Castle, Los Angeles, California

Alex Hong

Sorrel, San Francisco, California

Calvin Eng

Win Son, Brooklyn, New York

Adriana Urbina

Tepuy Dining, New York, New York