Edel Bordón, Yamille Bordón, and Pablo Bordón Opening Reception “It Runs in the Family”

Edel Bordón, Yamille Bordón, and Pablo Bordón exhibit “It Runs in the Family”
Jul 13, 2019  |  6:00PM - 9:00PM

Edel Bordón’s “Crowds and a Touch of Distinction”, an oil on canvas series, is defined by the need to understand and express one’s identity within the context of society. This series oscillates between the individual’s experience and how individuals amass into a collective. 

Yamilé Bordón’s sculpture series, “Speculation”, is about the transformation of everyday items into moments that are personal and historical. Yamilé rejects visual aesthetic in favor of a conceptual approach. 

Pablo Bordón’s photographic series, “Ludo” and “HDRs”, question objective reality by deconstructing and creating other realities. These realities are founded on transformation, abstracted and hyper realistic urban landscapes.