Lacroix at the Silverlake Lounge

Lacroix At Silverlake Lounge July 2
$10    |  Jul 2 - 3, 2019  |  7:00PM - 1:00AM

LACROIX is back with an immersive single, “Feathers”, that takes the listener away from reality- exploring the sounds and textures of modern electronic music while maintaining an organic feel. Sampling his voice as a musical instrument takes a prominent part in defining the whole landscape of his music. In “Feathers”, the trance-like vocals highlights Lacroix’s fresh summer feel while throwing back to his dark and mysterious aesthetic that defined his early music. “Feathers” sets the stage for a series of upcoming singles and future album for 2019 that will dive deeper into LACROIX’S progressive understanding of electronic music.


Lacroix, founded by Daniel Gonzalez in Boston of 2012, began as a cross-genre exploration of electronic music. Based around a  multifaceted pop/rock structure filled with psychedelic textures, multicultural rhythms and harmonies ultimately gives the listener an immersive and eclectic experience . The overall sound is a showcase of Daniel’s artistic progression in the last few years. Backed with a rock, electronic, and dance appreciation (with artist influences varying from Daft Punk, Infected Mushroom, James Blake, Pink Floyd, and more) Daniel has curated his own unique sound and effects. With each new track, the boundaries of sound and understandings of reality are pushed to infinity.




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