PUNCH L.A. curated by Nina Chanel Abney (OPENING)

Punch LA at Jeffrey Deitch Gallery
FREE    |  Jun 29, 2019  |  6:00PM - 8:00PM

Punch features thirty-three artists who examine contemporary culture and society through the lens of figuration. The exhibition focuses on artists in Abney’s circle whose work embraces the hybridity of the contemporary art discourse, exploring connections and disconnections between culture and subculture, figuration and abstraction and the physical and the digital.

Many of these artists grew up in the digital age, seeing firsthand how multiple streams of information from different media can penetrate consciousness. These image streams create a common language for artists to examine and digest how developments in society and culture have altered our perception of contemporary life.

The visual energy in these works is palpable—the rhythm and bold forms create a dynamic dialogue between art and popular culture. The works in the exhibition reference art historical precedents such as Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art as well as street art. The integration of design, graffiti, cartoons and satire expands the language of representation when presented with visual punch.


The artists participating in Punch are:

Nina Chanel Abney
Trevor Andrew aka GucciGhost
Greg Breda
Amoako Boafo
Jordan Casteel
Jonathan Lyndon Chase
Caitlin Cherry
Jeffrey Cheung
Theresa Chromati
Kenturah Davis
Danny Fox
Monica Kim Garza
Georgina Gratrix
Lauren Halsey
Lucia Hierro
February James
Khari Johnson-Ricks
Cheyenne Julien
Austin Lee
Jaime Muñoz
Robert Nava
Arcmanoro Niles
Matthew Palladino
Pat Phillips
Umar Rashid
Gabriella Sanchez
Koichi Sato
Tschabalala Self
Alake Shilling
Devan Shimoyama
David Shrobe
Henry Taylor