Yoga on the Summer Solstice

Early bird $21 (until June 15) / General sales $21    |  Jun 21, 2019  |  1:30AM - 3:30AM

With the first official day of summer a little more than a week away, get physically, mentally, and spiritually aligned with a curated yoga class at Love Yoga East! Celebrate the Summer Solstice with a special Yoga series taught by Dana, @yogabeforecoffee


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Influencer Description: Meet Dana Fares, Founder yogabeforecoffee

“Best Yoga Instructor with a Voice that Could Keep You in Savasana Forever” - Chicago Reader


I’ve been teaching yoga for seven years. But yoga has been teaching me for far longer than that. I’ve been practicing yoga since the age of 10 – but not because I was some mature, enlightened child. When I was in the 5th grade my mother caught me with cigarettes and condoms (I had no intention of using either). My “punishment” was to practice yoga with my mother every Sunday. While I resisted at first, over time yoga taught me how to exist in stillness, listen to my body, and truly access myself. I’m a true believer in the transformative relationship between mind and body. I strive to connect deeply to my students and make learning yoga fun and approachable. As a creative artist at heart, I encourage my students to explore self-study and develop individualized practices specific to their own bodies, minds, hearts, and souls.

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The Mission Yoga Before Coffee is on a mission to spread the benefits of a daily yoga practice to all! Yoga E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y you say?! It may sound like a big commitment but Yoga Before Coffee is here to show you that you don’t need to spend lots of money or hours in a studio to be a dedicated, authentic yogi. All you need is your breath and 10 minutes!

Why Can't I Drink My Coffee Before Yoga? First of all, you can totally drink your morning cup of coffee, tea, kombucha, or caffeinated beverage of choice before yoga if you need - just not during your practice, please! But I’m here to show you that you can rely on yoga for your daily boost and inspiration. Yoga has the power to re-energize you better and for longer than copious amounts of caffeine. The reality is that you don’t need to carve hours out of your schedule in order to develop and refine your yoga practice. 10 minutes of moving meditation a day is enough to reap the benefits of yoga and it’s so easy to fit into your day that you can do it before you’ve even had your coffee!