Fluxus: David LANG crowd out

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10    |  Jun 1, 2019  |  5:00AM
Walt Disney Concert Hall at The Music Center

ArtistsLesley Leighton, conductorDimitri Chamblas, directorAbout This PerformancePulitzer Prize winner David Lang had the inspiration for crowd out during a soccer match in London, where he heard the thousands of untrained voices swell, crest, and recede - at times in unison, and at times in total contrast with one another. He composed this major vocal work for one thousand voices as a way of framing how we understand the excitement, fear, and loneliness we feel in crowds; the text itself was crowdsourced with the help of various Internet search engines.Choreographer Dimitri Chamblas will direct and Lesley Leighton will conduct a performance at Walt Disney Concert Hall, as part of Noon to Midnight, where performers will intermingle with the audience, slowly transforming the swirling babble and chatter into a stunningly orchestrated whirlwind of voices.Tickets for this performance can be obtained by purchasing tickets for the daylong festival, Noon to Midnight. There are 2 options to attend. See details.In partnership with the Getty Research InstitutePrograms, artists, dates, prices and availability subject to change.