Bethel Music's Heaven Come Conference

***PLEASE READ***This event takes place over 3 days (May 23, 24 and 25) and only one ticket is purchased for all 3 days.  Upon arrival at Microsoft Theater, a wristband will be placed on the ticketholder. A ticket and wristband is then required for entry into every session throughout the weekend.Any replacements for tickets and/or wristbands if removed, lost, or stolen will incur a $10 fee per ticket. No exceptions.For Conference Info:$105 Flash Sale Pricing Ends - June 04, 2018$134 Early Bird Pricing Ends - October 02, 2018$164 Holiday Pricing Ends - January 08, 2019$194 Regular Pricing Ends - May 24, 2019Bethel Music is excited to host Heaven Come Conference 2019! We’re gathering for 3-days in Los Angeles, CA to see Heaven invade Earth. Join us alongside friends and speakers which will include: Brian and Jenn Johnson, Bill Johnson, Steven Furtick, Robert Madu and more!
Night Passes allow entry into the 7:00 PM session ONLY on the date purchased.

*Speakers/Performers subject to change