Résonances Boréales - A dialogue between one piano and the northern lights

$35-$45    |  May 2, 2019  |  7:00PM - 9:00PM

Bringing the Northern Lights to DTLA with stunning 360° visual projections and a unforgettable performance by Roman Zavada.


About this Event

With an upright piano anchored to the rock of the Canadian Shield, at the edge of the taiga, Roman Zavada created in September 2013 new piano compositions inspired by one of the most spectacular and majestic phenomena on Earth. Under the aurora borealis of the Northwest Territories, he translated in music the feeling of Northern spirit. Acclaimed by critics and audiences alike for its beauty and originality, Résonances Boréales is an outstanding 360 degrees dome show featuring the piano performance of Roman Zavada. This immersive experience brings the audience above the 60th parallel into the depths of the Canadian taiga. Roman Zavada will guide you through Loneliness, Awakening, Breath and Plenitude in a conversational journey with the astonishing northern lights. 


Emerging from the new generation of up-and-coming contemporary pianists, Roman Zavada has developed his art through a unique background of silent film accompanist. Zavada’s artistic journey is atypical. Being self-taught and dedicated to experimentation, he continues to explore the dialogue between piano and images, this time substituting silent films with the aurora borealis.


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Video Links

Promo - https://vimeo.com/312851002

360 Video - https://bit.ly/2UTmcwp 


The performance also includes access to Samskara Exhibition:

- A fully immersive four dome exhibition experience

- The artwork of Android Jones

- Microdose interactive VR gaming

- Interactive Social Media Experiences