WORKING TOGETHER TO CREATE ACTION, presented by The Chimaera Project

Free Panel Discussion    |  Apr 28, 2019  |  4:00PM - 5:30PM

Artemis Women in Action 2019 Film Festival Panel Discussion: What does it take to prepare for, shoot and make a spectacular action sequence? Moderated by Trisha Nicolas (Sr. Producer, Snap, Inc.), this panel will examine actual stunt scenes with the pros who designed the action and how the scenes were accomplished effectively and safely. Hear first hand advice from the filmmaking teams responsible for creating three different types of action sequences. Production team members, directors, actors and stunt coordinators offer invaluable insight on the process of creating action on screen. Sharing approaches stunt coordinators use to create action scenes, work flows between departments, and working with actors without stunt experience, and more. Panelists include America Young, Director/Actress/Stuntwoman; Joanna Ke, Actor/Writer/Producer; and Helena Barrett, Stuntwoman/Stunt Coordinator.