$10    |  Apr 28 - 29, 2019  |  9:00PM - 2:00AM

Freddy Presents: The Trap Ball 1

Sunday, April 28th, 2019

Admission $10
Ages 21+

Los Globos
3040 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026

Performances & Drag Lip- Sync Battle starts at 9pm
LSS starts at 10pm

$1,000 in Cash Prizes

OTY Approved

Special Performances By:
Icon Devine Lanvin & Melissa Prime

Commentated By:
Legendary Jamari Amour Balmain & Tre D. 007

DJ Annie Wyrick


“The Block is Hot!”
The TRAP has been on the watch by the Feds for a while. We decided to disguise the trap so that it wouldn’t be so noticeable. To make this work We’ll need your help!

Male Figure
6 trophies & 1 cash prize of $175
SB vs. Thug vs. PB vs. Executive vs. TM vs. BQ

Schoolboy & BQ(2 Trophies) - Bring it in any job uniform and we’ll see if your real enough to keep the TRAP under the fed’s radar.

Thug - The feds May think that you’re up to no good but you really spend all day in the TRAP recording studio. Bring it ready to record some hits with a mic and headset.

Executive - We have you going undercover as a detective to see what the Feds have on us. Bring it in a coat and briefcase. And don’t blow your Cover.

Pretty Boy - Undercover cars are parked outside. We need a pretty diversion to help move the weight. Bring it like a Boy Scout.

Trans Man - You’re a personal trainer and you use the trap gym to train your clients. Bring it as you would in the gym.

Female Figure
FQ vs. Drag
2 trophies & 1 cash prize of $175

Fem Queen - The Feds say you have heavy traffic coming in and out of The TRAP leaving with bundles. Which is true! Bring it as a hair beautician.

Drag - You are usually a delivery boy in the daytime keeping The TRAP hot but now you can only deliver at night and can’t be clocked! Contour us a fishy look.

“Bust Down Trapiana”
4 trophies & 1 cash prize of $200
FF vs. RWT vs. WP vs. BQ
I want to see you bust down in a pink wig and don’t let it fall off for your tens! (RWT must get their Tens in a realness category in order to walk performance)

“The Flower That Grew From Concrete”
All American vs. European vs. Female Figure vs. Executive
4 trophies & 1 cash prize of $150
Despite your surroundings your still breathtaking and walk with grace. Bring it in a creative look that incorporates Pink. A little more then a touch of pink but just a touch will do.

Sex Siren
“Sex Sales”
FF vs. MF

Female Figure - You’ve been “Flewed Out”! Bring it like The City Girls “Twerk” music video with some type of pink body paint.

Male Figure - Bring it like a male stripper in pink underwear and don’t forget your dollar bills!

“Mug Me Please”
2 Trophies & 1 cash prize of $100
MF vs. FF
You’ve changed the perception of muggers with your beautiful face tonight bring it in a touch of pink and mug the judges.

Virgin Vogue
1 Trophy
Bring it in a Pink glove.

Virgin Runway
1 Trophy
Bring it in a touch of Pink.

Drag Lip-Sync Battle
1 trophies & 1 cash prize of $100
All Contenders of the trap lip sync battle should contact(freddy manson) via facebook to signup. Interested contestants must sign up by april 27th. Early signup is suggested due to a limit on slots. Performances shouldn’t d’nt exceed 1 & 1/2 Minutes. Surprise us!