3rd Annual TEC Leimert Entertainment & Technology Conference

$25-$75    |  Apr 27, 2019  |  12:00PM - 5:00PM

TEC Leimert is leading the way for technology and entertainment convergence in South Los Angeles bringing together industry experts, thought leaders and influencers from across a spectrum of top Fortune 500 companies. The conference focuses on the exchanging of ideas and highlighting new pathways to monetize in an environment of constant change brought on by technological innovation. If you are an entrepreneur, urban professional, student, creative, tech enthusiast or simply interested in navigating the digital economy this is where YOU want to be!

You will have the opportunity to be front and center of a number of engaging topics addressed by experts in their respective fields. Black Hollywood brings industry experts like CAA and Paramount Pictures to discuss a new wave of content in Film & TV. In E-Sports, hear how this burgeoning industry is more than a game and how companies like Riot Games are leading the way. Come hear influencers from Apple Music, Universal share how artist can monetize in the digital era in The Business of Music. Learn about this new field of interest in our Hacking Cannabis panel and the innovation driving it. And Black Genius, which will host thought leaders discussing the future of tech and what it means to our communities.