Discover PaleyFest LA 2016

PaleyFest LA 2016

See the stars and creators of your favorite TV shows in person at PaleyFest LA happening March 11-20, 2016 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Empire, Better Call Saul, Scream Queens, Supergirl, Black-ish, Scandal, The Big Bang Theory, Fear the Walking Dead, Stars Salute Dick Wolf, Power, and American Horror Story: Hotel are all participating in PaleyFest. Join in on this must-attend, pop culture event produced by The Paley Center for Media, where the brightest TV talent share behind-the-scenes scoops, hilarious anecdotes, and breaking news stories after a screening of their work. The event includes audience Q&A. Buy your tickets here!

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PaleyFest LA is the premier television festival in the country. It's a must-attend pop cultural event produced by The Paley Center for Media that brings you together with the talent behind your favorite TV shows. Enjoy a screening of an episode or highlights of the featured program, followed by a panel discussion with your favorite stars live onstage, capped off by a Q & A with the audience. That’s why we say PaleyFest LA: Where TV Fans Get Their Fix. Named for William S. Paley, founder of CBS and The Paley Center for Media, proceeds from the event support the nonprofit Paley Center.

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