Our “Nihao China” initiative has achieved tremendous success as more than 150 member businesses have participated in China-Ready programming during its three years. L.A. Tourism now has more than 50 designated China-Ready members that we work closely with to attract and serve our Chinese guests. Our partner and consultant China Luxury Advisors continues to be a valuable resource.

Although our “Nihao China” three-year program has come to an end, our China-Ready members will continue to enjoy access to receptive tour operator events and sales calls, opportunities to host FAM groups and continued in-market promotional efforts.

L.A. Tourism members who are interested in our China Ready programming and qualify per the attached designation requirements are invited to contact [email protected] for further information and/or questions.

If your company would like to launch your own internal China Ready program or provide your staff with additional training, we recommend you contact:
China Luxury Advisors
BMG - BRIC Marketing Group


China-Ready Resources

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