Discover LA's Newest Michelin Starred and Bib Gourmand Restaurants

n/naka | photo: Zen Sekizawa

The famed Michelin Guide returned to Los Angeles with the 2023 California Guide. At the 2023 Michelin Revelation event, LA retained its Two-Starred restaurants, welcomed three new star distinctions and one special award for Exceptional Cocktails.


Michelin stars are awarded based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of ingredients
  2. Mastery of the cooking
  3. Harmony of the flavors
  4. Artistry of the Chef as reflected in the cuisine
  5. Consistency, both over time and across the entire menu

Heritage's new One Star rating rounds out the total of 20 LA-area restaurants with One Star.


Four new LA restaurants were selected for the Bib Gourmand category: Carnes Asadas Pancho Lopez, Cobi’s, Eat Joy Food and Villa's Tacos.


Additionally, Providence and Heritage each received a Green Star for Gastronomy & Sustainability; and Kato's bar director, Austin Hennelly, received the Exceptional Cocktails Award.


In March 2024, Michelin announced ten new California "discoveries" - including nine in LA - ahead of this summer's reveal: Amour, Funke, Little Fish, Liu's Cafe, Pollo a la Brasa, Quarter Sheets, Sawa, Sushi Sonagi and Uka.


Read on to see how these five LA restaurants retained their Two Star ratings: Hayato, Mélisse, n/naka, Providence and Sushi Ginza Onodera; and discover LA's newest Michelin-starred and Bib Gourmand restaurants. Bon appétit!

Dungeness Crab Shinjo at Hayato
Dungeness Crab Shinjo at Hayato | Instagram: @kootivemonster


"With only one seating per night, this is the kind of destination where a handful of lucky diners are privy to an exemplary culinary spectacle. Many of the courses begin with ingredients that are attractively arranged, then finished before your eyes, and presented by Chef Brandon Hayato Go with detailed explanations. To kick off the kaiseki, the chef serves a small bite, or sakizuke, like chilled, charred eggplant with ginger and dashi. From there, it's a seasonal celebration artistically arranged on vintage Japanese pottery and porcelain collected by the chef. Local corn and sea scallops is transformed into kakiage; bonito is lightly smoked over rice bran straw; and miso-glazed black cod is folded into a luscious rice pot to conclude the meal." - Michelin

Oyster at Mélisse
Mélisse | Photo: Bex Barone

Mélisse ** (Two Stars)

"Chef Josiah Citrin's flagship celebrates a certain kind of fine dining experience that will never go out of style. Slip in through a discreet side entrance to enter the enclosed space within Citrin, a private room that combines a vibe-y underground feel with classic luxury. The kitchen employs bold flavors and decadent sauces, blending French traditions with a bit of contemporary whimsy. The results are both eye-catching and indulgent, from intricate canapés to a knockout dish of duck “Rouennaise,” featuring a decadent sauce made with the help of an antique silver press; on the side, “ducks in a duvet” is a swanky take on pigs in a blanket. Service is engaging and full of charm, down to a wine program offering surprising rarities at a reasonable expense." - Michelin

n/naka | photo: Zen Sekizawa

n/naka ** (Two Stars)

"Wrapped in neutral tones, this serenely understated room offers one of LA’s most warm and graceful dining experiences. Chef Niki Nakayama presents her interpretation of a modern Kaiseki meal, drawing upon Japanese tradition while at the same time following her own path, offering an intricate procession of seasonally inspired courses that show a uniquely Californian influence. The menu begins with a sip of house-infused sake and small bites, winding through delicate aromatic broths, sashimi courses and heartier fare like grilled fish accented with sansho pepper. The only dish to never leave the menu, an artful twirl of al dente spaghetti dressed with tender abalone, pickled cod roe and black truffle, exemplifies Chef Nakayama’s unconventional approach." - Michelin

A5 Wagyu at Providence
A5 Wagyu at Providence | Instagram: @providencela

Providence ** (Two Stars) + Green Star

"Purity and precision are the underpinnings of Chef Michael Cimarusti's California cooking, inspired by flavors from Asia and the Mediterranean. The tasting menu blends classic technique with a modern sensibility, and sources the freshest and most sustainable seafood, often wild-caught from American waters, and at no point during the meal will you doubt its impeccable quality. A Pacific oyster, gently cooked and served in its shell and finished with a luscious sauce of champagne butter and golden Kaluga caviar, is a signature item for good reason. Other high points include canapés, as in a delicate lobster mousse served on a cracker made of the same and topped with black truffle. Dessert is superb, boasting house-made chocolate and exquisite mignardises." - Michelin


Chef’s vision: Providence showcases a true and unwavering commitment to all aspects of sustainability in every shape and way possible. Pushing the boundaries of sustainable seafood practices by committing to only use wild-caught, sustainable products, growing an on-site rooftop garden, and a zero-waste bean-to-dessert chocolate program.

Ama Ebi (Sweet Shrimp) at Sushi Ginza Onodera in WeHo
Ama Ebi (Sweet Shrimp) at Sushi Ginza Onodera | Instagram: @sushiginzaonoderala

Sushi Ginza Onodera ** (Two Stars)

"Sushi Ginza Onodera may have outposts around the world, but its fame has not diluted the exemplary quality. Instead of the reverent sushi counter, it's a hive of activity; one that comes with a hefty price tag, though their strictly enforced no-tipping policy helps. Surprises and delights abound in the delirious array of courses, starting with an earthenware cup of chawanmushi topped with Italian caviar and a petal of uni. Some might feel guilty devouring squid in a matter of seconds after watching the exacting chefs take ten minutes to prepare it, but the experience is utterly memorable. The nigiri are a clear highlight here, revealing tiger shrimp with miso, sea perch seared for a hint of smoke as well as a duo of anago with shanso and yuzu zest. The signature matcha- and coconut-panna cotta is a delectable finale." - Michelin

Primary image for Heritage
Photo: Heritage

Heritage * (One Star) + Green Star

"Set in a converted Craftsman in the historic Rose Park neighborhood, this inviting locale is removed from the hustle and bustle of Long Beach. Brother-and-sister duo Philip and Lauren Pretty run the kitchen and front of house, respectively, curating an experience that’s relaxed, but gets the details just right. On offer is a single multicourse tasting (priced quite reasonably) that highlights top-notch ingredients, including produce sourced from their nearby farm." - Michelin


Chefs’ vision: We grow our own produce at our farm; as well as source from local farmers markets; we work with local partners including a bakery and a seamstress for staff aprons. Our meat and seafood are all sustainably sourced from California.

Austin Hennelly at Kato
Austin Hennelly at Kato | Instagram: @katorestaurant

Exceptional Cocktails Award: Austin Hennelly (Kato)

Austin Hennelly, the bar director at Michelin One-Star Kato, has been named the winner of the 2023 Michelin Guide California Exceptional Cocktails Award presented by Basil Hayden.

"Chef Jonathan Yao steadily steers the ship at Kato, deftly drawing from his Taiwanese background to create contemporary cuisine that is impressive and distinct; and subject to constant evolution. The Row DTLA dining room is a cool enclave of polished concrete, steel, plate glass and light wood furnishings, along with an open kitchen that features prominently." - Michelin

Bib Gourmand

Bib Gourmand restaurants offer a full menu of a starter, main course and dessert, making it possible to order two courses and a glass of wine or dessert for $49 USD or less (tax and gratuity not included).

Carnes Asadas Pancho Lopez
Photo: Carnes Asadas Pancho Lopez

Carnes Asadas Pancho Lopez

"Humble doesn’t even begin to describe this open-air restaurant, which has no walls and is seemingly built out of corrugated metal. But what comes out of the kitchen is anything but simple. In quiet Lincoln Heights, find a limited menu that excels in tender, stewed meats and soulful soups. The chef mines the memories of his hometown of Jalisco with carne en su jugo, a superb, meaty soup made from tomatillos, bacon, pinto beans and beef. Birria en consommé is another warming, brothy hit, packing in more delicacy and nuance than the typical effort." - Michelin

Beef Short Rib at Cobi's in Santa Monica
Beef Short Rib | Photo: Cobi's


"Discover Thai and Malaysian delights along with other influences on this broad Southeast Asian menu. Start with dumplings, satay or curry puffs, those crispy triangular shells filled with curried split peas and potatoes sided by pickled onion and tamarind ketchup. From there, pick a curry or a wood-grilled main dish such as grilled prawns in a ginger and yellow bean sauce. Prix fixe options include a smattering of dishes selected by the chef." - Michelin

Spot prawns at Eat Joy Food
Spot prawns at Eat Joy Food | Instagram: @foodie.skye

Eat Joy Food

"This Taiwanese favorite lives up to its name. On smooth warehouse floors, the tables are generously spaced, but the menu is like a tome, dense with a wealth of seafood preparations, delicately flavored consommés and classic rice dishes. Three cup chicken braised with garlic, ginger and basil is an obvious order, as is the fantastic salty fish and chicken fried rice, the grains glossy and puffed in a hot wok. Regulars know to ask about dragon whiskers, a seasonal green that rounds out the meal." - Michelin

Villa's Tacos in Highland Park
Photo: Villa's Tacos

Villa's Tacos

"Sweet smoke from a roadside taco stand blows across the Highland Park parking lot, but the crowd gathered in front of Chef Victor Villa’s taqueria doesn’t budge. This brick-and-mortar marks a milestone for a chef who first started serving out of his grandmother’s house. The signature queso taco is instantly recognizable, built on a blue corn masa tortilla stacked with refried beans, onion, cilantro, guacamole, cotija cheese, crema and a melted skirt of Monterey Jack. Variations with asada and chorizo are favorites, with vegan options on offer as well." - Michelin