The Best Uni Dishes in Los Angeles at Petty Cash Taqueria | Photo by Bill Esparza

The love of sea urchin is one of those trends that’s here to stay. It’s one of the few local seafood products we have in LA, with an abundance of this luxurious product coming out of nearby Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands. That means restaurants run by our top chefs - and by our local Japanese, Korean, and Italian dining scenes - will always have sea urchin as a marquee item. Try it cooked in pastas, from our international raw bars, or in haute dishes where it can outshine most any rare ingredient - it’s the bite you save for last. We don’t blame those that carry on about the most famous echinoderm on social media for their uni roe obsession, nor do we envy them because it’s an approachable extravagance for us Angelenos. 

We even have famous sea urchin dishes here in town that you’ve probably tried like chef Michael Cimarusti’s sea urchin and egg scramble, or Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook’ s sea urchin and burrata. Here are 10 other classic sea urchin dishes that you must have.

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