10 Reasons To Hyperloop from San Francisco to Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of Elon Musk, Twitter 

Billionaire investor Elon Musk recently announced plans to develop a "hyperloop" system that would enable transport between Los Angeles and San Francisco in approximately 30 minutes, which is faster than a lot of everyday activities visitors and local Angelenos enjoy on a daily basis. Here are ten activities that would actually take more time than it would require to ride the Hyperloop from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

1. Waiting in Line for an Ice Cream Sandwich at Diddy Riese

Photo courtesy of Diddy Riese, Facebook 

2. Seeing a Movie at ArcLight's Cinerama Dome Theater

Photo courtesy of Space-wanderer, Flickr 

3. Cycling from Santa Monica to Manhattan Beach

Photo courtesy of Brent Goldman, Flickr 

4. Seeing a Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

Photo courtesy of airbutchie, Flickr 

5. Driving from Pasadena to Malibu

Photo courtesy of Bob Gentry, Flickr 

6. Exploring all the Galleries at the Getty Center

Photo courtesy of Michael De La Paz, Flickr 

7. Seeing the Planetarium Show at the Griffith Observatory

Photo courtesy of Kostya Danko, Flickr 

8. Hiking a Loop at Runyon Canyon

Photo courtesy of Lucy Rendler-Kaplan, Flickr 

9. Waiting in Line at Pink's Hot Dogs

Photo courtesy of Nancy Dushkin, Flickr 

10. Meeting a Celebrity on the Walk of Fame

Photo courtesy of Aneta Bernat, Flickr