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Celebrate Italian American Heritage Month in Los Angeles


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Every year the President of the United States signs an executive order designating the month of October as National Italian American Heritage Month. The proclamation is in recognition of the many achievements, contributions, and successes of Americans of Italian descent as well as Italians in America.

For generations, Italians and Italian Americans have played an integral role in the story of Los Angeles. Today, L.A. is home to the fifth-largest Italian population in the country. Read on for Italian American Heritage Month events in Los Angeles.

Fly Fishing the L.A. River


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Described as "the original source of life for the City of Los Angeles," the L.A. River flows 51 miles from the San Fernando Valley through Downtown L.A. and south to Long Beach and the Pacific Ocean. Matus Sobolic has been fly fishing the L.A. River for five years. A resident of Altadena, Sobolic work for Stone Distribution and is a fishing ambassador for Redington. "The L.A. River has been my home away from home for years now," says Sobolic. "A place I can escape to, and even though it's in the heart of the City, it's surprisingly calm and peaceful. It is by far the closest place to get into the largest fish in the Los Angeles area." 

Pennywise the Dancing Clown from "It"

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood: Horror Made Here


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As part of the expanded offerings, Horror Made Here will include the Neibolt House from the wildly popular The IT Experience: Neibolt House Hollywood, which is moving to the Warner Bros. Studio backlot as part of this special Halloween seasonal event.

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There are hidden gems amidst the skyscrapers and bustling crowds of Downtown L.A. Some of these places might even escape the attention of locals. Others are well-known destinations that house secret spots to find art, culture or adventure. None of them should be missed on your tour of Downtown Los Angeles.