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Celebrate the L.A. Legacy of Ten Extraordinary Women


Liz Ohanesian

L.A.-native Francesca Lia Block is a prolific, award-winning author with more than 25 titles to her credit. Still, she remains best known for the Weetzie Bat series of books, chronicling the life of an L.A. woman who comes of age during the city's punk era. Block writes about Los Angeles with such vivid detail that you can practically smell the jacaranda trees and Oki Dogs as you read. Block remains a local where, in addition to writing, she teaches the subject at various locations. 

Bowling lanes at Highland Park Bowl

Hey Man, It's the Best Bowling Alleys in Los Angeles


Leslee Komaiko

XLanes has been likened to a Chuck E. Cheese for adults. Though it should be noted that kids are welcome except Friday and Saturday evenings, which are adults only. The sprawling, modern facility, which feels like it would be at home in Vegas—you can, after all, order a ribeye lane side—has so many extras. Arcade with prize redemptions? Check. Restaurant? Check. Billiard tables? Check? Karaoke rooms? Check. Virtual dart machines that allow you to compete with players around the world? You already know the answer. As far as the bowling goes, they have 30 lanes. Three VIP rooms offer private party guests a more intimate environment. The smallest accommodates 30 guests with four lanes, the largest 50 people with six lanes. Note that XLanes has a dress code. But it’s pretty standard stuff - leave your chains at home.

333 Alameda St., Downtown L.A.

Ajitama tsukemen at Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle

Explore the World of Noodles in Los Angeles


dine L.A.

Front desk and lobby at The Garland

Discover The Garland Hotel


Caroline Ryder

Discover The Garland, a seven-acre sanctuary in the San Fernando Valley, located a couple of miles and a world away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.