Cornish game hen at Asal Bakery & Kabob

The Top 5 Dishes in Woodland Hills


Joshua Lurie

Woodland Hills is an upscale neighborhood in the southwest San Fernando Valley that spans nearly 15 square miles and extends from the Warner Center business park to the wilds of Topanga State Park. Much of the action centers on Ventura and Topanga Canyon Boulevards. The area is a hotbed for Middle Eastern and Indian restaurants, though you’ll find a fairly wide spectrum. Start by eating these five standout dishes.

Summer dineL.A. Dinner at Lao Tao: Vegan Tian-la Tofu with Rice, Mushroom Oh Ah Jian (Taiwanese Omelette), Sweet Potato Fries, Baby Got Bok Salad, Five Spice Egg, Ginger Limeade

Discover the Hidden Gems of Summer dineL.A.


Katherine Spiers

Summer dineL.A. 2018 is upon us, and the food fans among us (this is L.A., it’s everyone) are carefully creating spreadsheets and cross-referencing locations with their friends. It’s important business, deciding which restaurants must be visited during this brief time when every place that's participating is offering a once-in-a-lifetime - well, twice-in-a-year - deal. There are a lot of big name restaurants on the Summer dineL.A. list, but there are some eateries that maybe don’t get as much shine as the famous places - but they’re absolutely great. Be sure to include these hidden gems in your dineL.A. plans.

The Ponte garden patio

Summer dineL.A. Restaurants with Great Patios


Katherine Spiers

July isn’t the very hottest month of the year in Los Angeles, but it’s up there - in other words, a perfect month for outdoor dining. Luckily, it’s also the month of Summer dineL.A. - a two-week celebration, or bacchanal, or culinary exploration … or all three, really. Here are the participating restaurants that have excellent outside spaces in which to enjoy the food.

Pet friendly patio at MESSHALL Kitchen

Pet Friendly Restaurants for Summer dineL.A.


Katherine Spiers

The rumors are true: Los Angeles millennials aren’t having kids, they’re adopting dogs. That makes this city pretty dog-friendly, as people are going to bring their “furbabies” with them most places. Plus, this is just a laid-back town. Here are some restaurants participating in Summer dineL.A. this year that will be happy to let you sit on a nice patio with your little love.

Samke harra at Hayat's Kitchen

The Top 5 Dishes in North Hollywood


Joshua Lurie

North Hollywood previously fell under the purview of Mission San Fernando Rey de España and became private farms after San Fernando Farm Homestead Association and Isaac Lankershim purchased the land. The area was rebranded as North Hollywood in 1927 in a marketing push to capitalize on rising Hollywood glamour. Since then, the city has become more residential. After the launch of the Red Line in 2000 and the opening of the connecting Orange Line in 2005, the city centered more on the NoHo Arts District, which has seen a restaurant boom. North Hollywood also houses L.A.’s unofficial second Thai Town near Wat Thai Temple, a community center for Thai-Americans. Discover five of North Hollywood’s best dishes across nearly six square miles.

2018 Discover Los Angeles Market Outlook Forum Guest Speakers


Discover Los Angeles

The Discover Los Angeles Market Outlook Forum is the strategic forecasting conference for any business interested in capitalizing on L.A.’s record tourism growth. In 2017 Los Angeles achieved a record high with 48.5 million overnight and day visitors and forecasts call for continued growth with 50 million visitors by 2020. This valuable event will help you prepare to welcome them and benefit from the tremendous anticipated growth in visitation.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Griffith Observatory

Discover Justin Trudeau's Los Angeles


Discover Los Angeles

With his movie star good looks and charisma, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a natural fit for Los Angeles. Read on for Canadian and Trudeau related sites for the PM’s future trips to L.A.

Chicharron at Broken Spanish

The Top 5 Dishes in Downtown L.A.


Joshua Lurie

The Downtown L.A. dining scene has never been more vital, with dozens of great restaurants now dotting sub-neighborhoods like the Arts District, Bunker Hill, Fashion District, Old Bank District, and South Park. Discover my favorite dishes from five of Downtown’s best chefs in L.A.’s city center. Consider these plates gateways to great meals, since they’re on menus at consistently high-quality restaurants. Fan across DTLA for your next steps.