L.A. Tourism Launches L.A. Insider Specialist Training Program

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L.A. Tourism launched ‘L.A. Insider,’ a new online training tool for travel trade professionals. The mobile and tablet-friendly program is designed to help U.S. and Canadian travel trade better sell the destination and stay up-to-date with its latest offerings, with modules for international markets to follow in the coming months.

L.A. Insider, developed by TravPRO which also launched Visit California’s STAR program, will provide easy access to L.A. Tourism’s marketing assets, sales collateral such as factsheets, maps, videos and even neighborhood tours in virtual reality. The program also provides information on the gateway to the West Coast, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and updates on the airport’s multi-billion dollar modernization program with multimedia assets added as they become available.

Localized modules of L.A. Insider will be launched for English-speaking international markets throughout March 2018 and L.A. Insider will be rolled out in Spanish, French, German, Korean and Japanese over the coming months with more languages to follow. The market specific modules will feature videos of expats describing what it is they love about Los Angeles and tips to make the most of a visit.

L.A. Tourism Wins 2018 American Advertising Awards

L.A. Tourism garnered several accolades at the 2018 American Advertising Awards – Los Angeles. Also known as the ADDY’s, the American Advertising Awards recognizes and rewards the creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising from all types of media, created by all types of agencies. Conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation, the Los Angeles phase is the first of a three-tier, national competition. Concurrently, across the nation, local entrants vie to be recognized as the very best in their respective market.
L.A. Tourism earned four local ADDY awards for its in-house creative group’s work in the following categories:

Internet Commercial
Content: Paper Plans – Everyone is Welcome
Silver ADDY Award

Film/Video/Sound/Branded Content
Content: Preview of Shepard Fairey’s ‘Damaged’
Silver ADDY Award

Internet Commercial
Content: dineL.A.: Eat Your Away Across Los Angeles Animation
Bronze ADDY Award

Animation, Special Effects or Motion Graphics
Content: dineL.A.: Eat Your Away Across Los Angeles Animation
Bronze ADDY Award

Silver ADDY winners will automatically advance to the regional competition, which includes top winners from Orange County, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Inland Empire, Coastal California and San Diego. Gold winners at the regionals will then move to the finals for a chance to win a national ADDY.


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Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced the completion of a project to upgrade the Security Screening Check Point at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) by installing 14 new Automated Screening Lanes, which are both high-tech and time-saving. All 14 new ASLs are now available for use as they can increase the number of passengers screened by as much as 30% over the old screening lanes, making it faster, more efficient and less stressful for passengers. The new ASLs provide the foundation for future security enhancements and assist in decreasing the overall passenger transit time, thus providing faster processing times and superior customer experience.
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The Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), owned by the City of Los Angeles and managed by AEG Facilities, unveiled its 2.21 megawatt solar array on April 4, 2018 during a press conference with Mayor Eric Garcetti. Located on the roof of South Hall, this addition brings the facility’s total solar to 2.58 megawatts, making it the largest solar array on a municipally owned convention center in the United States. The project will reduce the LACC’s carbon footprint by 2,554 metric tons per year. To give perspective, this is the equivalent to removing 2,794,396 pounds of coal from being burned or planting 66,192 trees.

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted to approve a 30-year, $4.9B contract with LAX Integrated Express Solutions (LINXS) to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the Automated People Mover (APM) train system at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Convenience, reliability and easy accessibility are key elements of the user experience and are integral requirements for the APM, which opens in 2023. Trains will arrive every two minutes, have wide doors for easy access with luggage, large windows for viewing, plenty of hand holds and seats for those in need.