A Note from Ernie - April 2018

President and CEO Ernest Wooden Jr., LATCB

Dear Friends,

What great news we received last week after the Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted to approve a 30-year, $4.9 billion contract with LAX Integrated Express Solutions (LINXS) to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the Automated People Mover train system at Los Angeles International Airport.

The Automated People Mover will deliver reliable, convenient transportation to each airport terminal, transforming our airport experience when it opens in 2023. For millions of travelers each year, LAX is the first and last impression of our destination and this investment will make it the most passenger-friendly airport in the world.

Next month, travel and hospitality professionals from across the nation will celebrate the power of tourism during National Travel & Tourism Week from May 6-12, 2018. We are excited to announce our final visitation and visitor spend figures for 2017 and showcase the true economic impact of tourism in Los Angeles.  

I’m pleased to share Transient Occupancy Tax collections for the City’s General Fund totaled $24.3 million for March 2018, bringing our fiscal year-to-date total to more than $217.8 million. This is $24.4 million higher than last year’s to-date total, a year-over-year increase of 12.4%  

These are just a few of the many updates on our industry that we’re sharing with you in April’s newsletter. As always, we will continue to work diligently on behalf of all of our members to keep the world coming to Los Angeles.

Best wishes,
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Ernest Wooden Jr.
President and CEO
Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board