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Dona Rosa Bakery & Taqueria


In most circles when speaking about Mexican food dishes the general consensus is "In Mexico, food is poetry." Real, home cooked Mexican food is poetry. It’s spicy hot chocolate and fluffy pan dulce. It’s warm, familiar soups, menudo, cocido, pozole or tacos, burritos, antojitos with a cerveza on the beach. Mexican cuisine is rich mole sauce with hand made tortillas. A refreshing aguas frescas on a hot afternoon. It’s food to slow down with and savor, even if you’re on the go. Mexican food restaurants, like our sister restaurant El Cholo at Pasadena Paseo, are wonderful for a leisurely dining experience, while Doña Rosa Bakery and Taqueria has more of a café feel.

Pricing: $


577 S. Arroyo Parkway
Pasadena, CA 91105


1 (626) 449-2999

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