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Sunday, March 1

Curate This

The GABBA Gallery

3126 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, 90057


The Gabba Gallery presents Curate This, the first annual exhibition highlighting the work of contemporary Los Angeles Artist/Curators. This almost 2000 sq. ft. gallery sets off your curiosity as you see the visions and interpreted inner workings of these curators in their own practice. A fresh feeling comes forward in this exhibition, by turning the tables and bringing them together in one place, the viewer is brought into an explosion of ideas, loosely held together by a strong vision for Los Angeles and its place in the world of art. The showing embraces several artists to create a thoughtful, inspired feel as you embark into the imaginations of artists such as Nathan Cartwright of The Hive Gallery, Stephen Zeigler of Indian Alley and Mat Gleason of Coagula Curatorial.
The artists included in Curate This are contemporary Los Angeles based curator/artists hand-picked by curators Ostro and Santos as an homage to them and their vision for the Los Angeles art scene, and are as follows:
Airom Bleicher, Baha Danesh, Daniel Rolnik, David Brady, Fatemeh Burnes, Jason Ostro, John Knuth, Juri Koll, L Croskey, Kelly Castillo, Kio Griffith, Kohl King, Kristine Schomaker, Mark Todd, Mat Gleason, Mike Reynolds, Max Presneill, Nathan Cartwright, Nicole Bruckman, Peggy Zask, Phil Santos, Rob Faucette, Stephen Zeigler, and Stephen Wolkoff.

Curate This opens on February 28, 2015 and will be on view through March 13, 2015. A reception for the artists with DJ Sharper Image is on Saturday, February 28, 7 - 11 p.m. and is sponsored by 7/11, Hubert’s and Perrier.

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