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Cyberpunk: Past and Future

The literary and cultural movement known as cyberpunk began in the early 1980s when a confluence of speculative-fiction writers remapped and reinvigorated their genreand much more. Inspired by a rapidly changing presentthe beginnings of the World Wide Web; the proliferation of man/machine interfaces; the global spread of Japanese culturethese writers integrated technology, politics, literature and cultural theory to create a genre that not only predicted the future but also helped shape it. A day-long event will bring together seminal figures of the cyberpunk movement, including Rudy Rucker (the Ware Tetralogy), Pat Cadigan (Synners, The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi) and Bruce Sterling (Bicycle Repairman, Taklamakan, Mirrorshades), along with figures from the worlds of film, music, technology, architecture and cultural theory, to discuss the cultural moment cyberpunk incited. The afternoon will be devoted to Cyberpunk 2.0: small-group world-building and storytelling sessions in which USC students can collaborate with cyberpunks founding figures. Organized by Scott Fisher (Cinematic Arts), Henry Jenkins (Communication, Journalism and Cinematic Arts) and Howard A. Rodman (Cinematic Arts). Co-sponsored by the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab.

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