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Tuesday, December 1

Jordan Younger AKA The Balanced Blonde Book Signing "Breaking Vegan"


12460 West Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90066

7:00pm to 9:00pm

Cold & Thirsty will be hosting Jordan Younger AKA The Balanced Blonde book signing of her newly released "Breaking Vegan".

The event will be held on Tuesday December 1st from 7-9pm at Cold & Thirsty 12460 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles 90066.

A portion of all sales will be donated to NKLA to help make LA a No kill city.

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Reflections of RABIZ: Armenian pop culture between Yerevan and Los Angeles

Abril Bookstore

415 E Broadway #102, Glendale, 91205

7:30pm to 9:00pm

Reflections of RABIZ
Armenian pop culture between Yerevan and Los Angeles

An audiovisual presentation by a Dutch anthropologist

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2015 - 7:30PM

415 E. Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205

Admission is Free.

RIK ADRIAANS is an anthropologist from the Netherlands who speaks Armenian and has spent time living in Armenia and in the Armenian community of Los Angeles, where he has interacted with and observed unique intricacies and aspects of Armenian culture that are oftentimes taken for granted by Armenians. Rik is a PhD candidate at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. He holds a BA and MA in anthropology from the University of Amsterdam. His dissertation project examines the relations between Armenia and the Armenian diaspora in Los Angeles through the lens of media and popular culture. With this talk, he will give us a glimpse of our culture through the eyes of an outside observer. Be ready to be surprised!

The word rabiz has its roots in Soviet Armenia’s musicians' trade unions, but is nowadays most commonly used to refer to a genre of folk-pop music that can be heard from the taxis and minibuses of rural Armenia to the banquet halls of Glendale. In this presentation, a Dutch anthropologist explores the different meanings and contexts of rabiz across the Armenian world while relating them to issues of identity, class and diaspora formation. Bringing together images, audio and video from his research on Armenian popular culture in Yerevan and Los Angeles, the presentation will show rabiz to be not merely a musical genre or a subcultural phenomenon, but also a powerful mirror reflecting social and political transformations that have affected the lives of Armenians around the world in the last decades.

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Wednesday, December 2

Improving Sustainability Concept in Developing Countries (ISCDC)

Cornad Cairo Hotel

1191 Nile Cornish, Cairo, 11515

9:00am to 11:40am

The main goal of this conference is to enhance and spread the role of sustainable architecture in improving the quality of built environment in developing countries by saving energy, using renewable energy, and using efficient sustainable building materials and other aspects that achieve the environmental efficiency.

In addition, the conference emphasizes also using energy performance simulation in the design process of sustainable architecture. Using simulation tools facilitates achieving accurate and innovative results for studying energy consumption in buildings for both new and existing buildings as well.

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