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Sunday, May 31

Burlesque Brunch LA

Sadies Kitchen & Lounge

1638 N Las Palmas Ave,, Los Angeles, 90028

1:00pm to 3:00pm

Burlesque, Brunch and Weekend Cocktails: The perfect Ménage à Trois Sausages, Shimmies and Sparkling Cocktails await you at the Burlesque Brunch. Enjoy an endless gourmet buffet filled with your favorite weekend treats along with a full bar while a bevy of burlesque beauties awe you with the art of tease. Guests arrive at 1:00pm and are welcomed with a complementary mimosa and the DH Jazz Trio playing an array of music to get them in the mood for an exciting afternoon. Brunch is served and the libations pour freely. Our performers begin to take the stage. Beautiful women with exquisite costumes perform throughout the venue, teasing each guest by stripping down slowly. Sit back and enjoy your Sunday afternoon in style!

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Kiss + Tell LA

Downtown Independent

251 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

2:00pm to 5:00pm

Writer and personality Jayce Baron brings back Kiss + Tell, a LGBT dating and relationship panel, for the Spring at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles. From a gay HIV activist, West Hollywood drag queen performer, transgender humanitarian, to a lesbian YouTube personality, the diverse and opinionated Kiss + Tell panelists are here to discuss their thoughts on topics such as “sexting”, masculine and feminine roles when it comes to courting, homosexuality going mainstream in media, and DL dating. Kiss + Tell is designed to give the community an opportunity to take those unspoken conversations you have with your friends and openly discuss topics and issues that gays face.

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Monday, June 1

The Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical

Lounge Theatre

6201 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90038


Through the Hollywood Fringe Festival, musical theatre writing team Dahan and D'Angelo present their WORLD-PREMIERE of THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO: THE MUSICAL, a story about one man, Edmond Dantès, and his undeniable thirst for revenge against his enemies, based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas.

This production features an incredible ensemble, from those who have been on Broadway to newcomers on the scene, starring our first-ever cast: David Meinke as The Count of Monte Cristo, Laurine Price as Mercedes, David Zach as Danglars, Anthony Gruppuso as Villefort, Parnell Marcano as Caderousse, Bryan Vickery as Albert, Mary Nepi as Valentine, Henry Kaiser as Abbe Faria, Teresa Tracy as Heloise, Anderson Piller as Edward, Stephen Novick as Andrea Cavalcanti/Young Dantes, Jillian Easton as Lucille Debray, Todd Andrew Ball as Noirtier/Morrel, TR Krupa as Franz D'Epinay, Richelle Meiss as Luiga/Young Mercedes, and Amanda Walter as The Dancer.

Come with us on an incredible journey to nineteenth-century France, where unsettling politics, playful masquerades, and conniving desperation all intertwine to create THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO: THE MUSICAL.

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