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Sunday, April 20

A Time for Singing Gospel Music Competition and Showcase 2014

The AfriKan Village Cultural Center

3520 N. Newstead Avenue, St. Louis, MO, 63136

4:30pm to 7:30pm

"A Time for Singing" Gospel Music Competition and Showcase 2014.

The first elimination contest to be held by April 20,2014.

• Glendon McFarlane a resident of St Louis Missouri. He states, " Recently, I came up with idea to do a Gospel Talent Contest to provide a outlet and platform that especially young aspiring Gospel Music Artists will get the opportunity to perform and expose their talents to a live and wider audience, by means of various elimination contests around the City of St. Louis and other venues in the State".
•This campaign is important to me because of my personal experience as a Gospel Music Soloist and one who also sings in my Church's Men's Chorale. The Target of $25,000 will be used as prizes for The different categories of Performers and Groups, including Choirs participating in this Event". The event includes modern contemporary styles like gospel rap. Our contestants comes from across the Caribbean and some from Europe and different states of the United States. Below are information to enter.

The contributors will help me to achieve a great deal in my discovery of unknown talents, and some already known who just needs the opportunity to use their talents in a positive way. I have experienced impressive talents and a wide variety of talents and styles in this area whenever I visit and sing in our group at concerts and other events. This is an opportunity for us to spread "The Good News", (Gospel) through the medium of Music. Think of your contribution as an investment in the young people, our leaders of tomorrow. Also the fact that this is a part of the American Cultural Heritage. Gospel Music is a part of us and we can contribute to its continued appreciation and longevity.

If we do not meet our entire goal we may have to charge a higher price for entry to the events, which is something we would not want to do. We believe that we will be able to allow more patrons to enjoy this event if the cost of entry is kept at a minimum. So many people and particularly young people needs an outlet for their talents. They need a wider audience in which to expose such gifts. Some young people are persuaded by their peers into very negative activities and even crimes and drugs whenever their creative energies have not materialized into something to make them feel appreciated and praised. This is an opportunity to encourage and motivate them through giving to this cause. It is providing an opportunity for them not only to occupy themselves constructively, but also do help them to have civic and spiritual pride and to be responsible citizens.

The successful publishing of my book Musical Lyrics in Art and Poetry, a collection of more than 80 of my best poems illustrated by my own work of art, and now available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com is one successful project, I have been able to finance with the help of contributors online. I went online and requested funding to be able to publish this book. People did respond in assisting me to publish this book so it can be made available to poetry lovers at minimum cost, and much lower than it would cost if I had to bear the cost of publishing on my own. A copy of this book signed by me will be sent to everyone who contributes to this event after our goal is reached. Many other perks will be offered for your contributions. A DVD and Video will also be produced and given as gifts for making your contribution.

Other Ways You Can Help

You may also be able to help with this event by contributing consolation prizes such as electronics, music scholarship to a winning participant, a cash prize or trips or other tangible gifts, where as a patron you will have the opportunity to attend our Grand Finals and make this presentation to the winning contestant. You may also contribute to the event as a Corporate Sponsor with cash or kind and you will get the opportunity to introduce your products and services to our audience at the Grand Finals. Your products and or services will be highlighted on our Promotional Posters, Banners, Newspaper and our Website as a main sponsor. So all business sponsors will receive "honorable mention" and acknowledgement. If you would like to join us as a partner in this venture we welcome your contribution and you could discuss this by calling us at 314-498-3085 for more information. You may also visit out website at

www.atimefor singinggospel.com

Thank you for downloading and printing our campaign poster and displaying it on your Church's and other public places and noticeboards. We appreciate your donations to day and to do so please visit our fundraising website at :



Glendon McFarlane,

President, United Gospel Productions

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