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Tuesday, September 27



5905 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036


An anthology film that apparently frightened a young Guillermo del Toro enough to include it in his Fuel for Nightmares series, Kwaidan is this week's Tuesday Matinee. Masaki Kobayashi's Oscar-nominated oddity is comprised of four discrete tales (the title translates to "strange stories") — The Black HairThe Woman of the SnowHoichi the Earless and In a Cup of Tea — running a total of three hours, presented here on 35mm.

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The Album Leaf

Teragram Ballroom

1234 W. Seventh St., Los Angeles, 90017


THE ALBUM LEAF has been making its mark as a soft-spoken innovator steadily and surely since 1999. One year after forming the influential San Diego instrumental group Tristeza, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Jimmy LaValle founded THE ALBUM LEAF, a solo studio project turned full-fledged live band. The diversity of THE ALBUM LEAF's music is second only to the diversity of the music that has inspired LaValle through the years – the artist has named everything from German Ambient/Pysch bands like Can, Cluster and Harmonia to traditional mariachi music, electronic music and Brian Eno as some of his primary influences – and it's clear that THE ALBUM LEAF is unafraid of thinking outside the box, both as an individual artist & within the larger scope of modern music.

Over time, THE ALBUM LEAF (now based in Los Angeles) has grown from a side endeavor to LaValle's main focus. The project's first releases, An Orchestrated Rise To Fall (1999) and One Day I'll Be On Time (2001), intertwined field recordings, Rhodes piano, and a nuanced treatment of texture with mature songwriting and dense, evocative atmospheres. Following these records, which put THE ALBUM LEAF on the map for critics and fans worldwide, Icelandic band Sigur Rós discovered LaValle and took THE ALBUM LEAF on tour with them in the US, garnering the band wide exposure and recognition.

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Wednesday, September 28

Lloyd Hamrol/Joan Perlman: “a sky in the palm of a hand”

Pasadena Museum of California Art

490 East Union Street, Pasadena, CA 91101


In the exhibition Lloyd Hamrol/Joan Perlman: “a sky in the palm of a hand,“ Lloyd Hamrol’s large-scale felt sculptures and Joan Perlman’s abstract paintings and prints provide a platform to consider the shared ideas and sharp distinctions between two artists’ investigations of materials, process, impermanence, and landscape. Taken from a line in the W.S. Merwin poem “No Shadow,” the exhibition’s title alludes to the conundrum of reconciling intimacy and distance as well as the ephemerality of observable moments and entities.

“A sky in the palm of a hand” will include a new suite of biomorphic floor-based works by Hamrol and new acrylic paintings on canvas and monoprints by Perlman. Through primary form and fierce natural phenomenon; intimacy of place; process, change, and uncertainty, Hamrol and Perlman’s shared universe and the exhibition consider the connections between art-making and the final creation, between observed landscape and man-made form.

Image credit: Lloyd Hamrol, Study for Floor Piece, 2015. Industrial felt. Courtesy of the Artist; Joan Perlman, Untitled [detail], 2015. Gouache on Yupo, 9 x 12 inches. Courtesy of the Artist

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