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Saturday, March 14

Forbidden Voices

Zipper Concert Hall, Colburn School

200 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, 90012


Their behavior is improper; their books are banned; their love is illicit. Authors, artists and poets ostracized for not conforming are celebrated as we give voice to their incredible accomplishments during this concert. Highlights include I Will Remember Everything, a new work by celebrated choral composer and conductor, Eric Banks. Originally composed for and performed by KITKA, Vox Femina Los Angeles was chosen to present the second performance in the NEA grant that funded the commission. I Will Remember Everything gives voice to the long censored love poems of Russias first openly lesbian poet, Sophia Parnok. Sung in Russian and English, this musical biography tracks Parnoks success as a published poet, her passionate affair with poet Marina Tsvetaeva, the Soviet censorship, and her life of suffering in oblivion until death by Graves disease in 1933. Beauty, intensity and tragedy marked Parnoks life and this stunning piece takes us on an emotional journey giving overdue recognition to her substantial literary gifts.

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