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Friday, September 11

Celebrating an Icon - "Ode to a Bridge"

Art Share L.A.

801 East 4th Place at Hewitt, Los Angeles, 90013


Art Share L.A. will host a major art exhibition commemorating the beloved 6th Street Viaduct in a multi-media group-show entitled “Ode to the Bridge“ at their creative center located at 801 East 4th Place in Los Angeles. The exhibit, co-curated by Dale Youngman and Tanner Blackman, will feature over 30 local artists’ renditions of this landmark architecture, which is slated for demolition in the coming months.

The historic structure has been the setting for dozens of commercials, TV and film shoots, and is one of the most recognized and photographed structures in all of Los Angeles. Built in 1932, it is the longest bridge crossing the LA River, connecting Boyle Heights to Downtown Los Angeles. Although it is eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places, an unfortunate error during its construction became apparent after only 20 years, when a type of cement –eating disease known as Alkali-Silica Reaction began causing cracks in the concrete, thus compromising the integrity of the structure.

Celebrating the future of its replacement, we will host a panel discussion on Wednesday, September 16 from 7-9PM. Panel will include Tim Williams, Managing Principal from Michael Maltzan Architecture; Vic Martinez, Vice President of HNTB; Glenn Kaino, conceptual artist designing art installations and more.

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The Princes of Kings Road

Neutra Institute and Museum

2379 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, 90039


True story: in 1953, iconic L.A. architects Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler, onetime friends and business partners who had been bitterly estranged for 23 years, found themselves, by a vagary of fate, occupying the same hospital room in Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. In this world premiere play, writer Tom Lazarus imagines what might have transpired during that reunion. The site-specific production takes place at the architecturally significant Neutra-designed offices that are now the Neutra Institute and Museum of Silverlake. Sept. 11-Oct. 4

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The Koles

Levitt Pavilion Pasadena at Memorial Park

85 E. Holly St., Pasadena, CA


Quetzal is a GRAMMY-winning Chicano rock band from East Los Angeles. Currently one of LA’s most successful groups, Quetzal plays a mix of Mexican and Afro-Cuban rhythms, jazz, R&B, and rock music. This ensemble of highly talented musicians joined for the goal of creating good music that tells the social, cultural, political, and musical stories of people in struggle.

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