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Friday, March 13


Aero Theatre

1328 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90403


One of the best of Keaton's career and filled with unbeatable sight gags, THE NAVIGATOR finds Buster trapped on an empty passenger ship with the gal who jilted him. It's paired on a double bill with a 90th anniversary screening of SEVEN CHANCES, where Buster's confronted with the proposition of a massive fortune... if he can find someone to marry by 7pm that day!

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Theatre West

3333 Cahuenga Blvd. West, Los Angeles, CA 90068


In the small town of Edgar, Oklahoma in 1972, young Richard, an aspiring actor, answers an ad for work offering free college tuition as a perk. Hes going to work for Margaret Fielding, a widowed woman in a wheelchair whose limited mobility has not daunted her entrepreneurial spirit. She runs a variety of businesses, selling seeds, beans, and dispatching a taxicab. Once she was young and exquisitely beautiful, desired by more than one man. Illness, age and decay have gradually transformed her into a curmudgeon. The manipulative Margaret treats her sibling, her son, her employees, local politicos, and others abusively, even those devoted to her. Her son would like to move her from the crumbling family home to a retirement community, but she fights him tooth and nail, when shell talk to him at all. She tries to sabotage the relationship of Richard and his pretty girlfriend. Why? Can there be any ultimate redemption for Margaret and those around her? Or will things at the Fielding home just continue to fall apart? Written by Jim Beaver (of "Supernatural" and "Justified"). Directed by Mark. W. Travis.

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Doubt, A Parable

Repertory East Playhouse

24266 Main Street, Newhall, CA 91321


Pulitzer Prize winner at Repertory East Playhouse. The Repertory East Playhouse continues its 11th Season with the contemporary drama Doubt: A Parable. The winner of both the 2005 Pulitzer Prize and the Tony Award for Best Drama, has earned much critical acclaim. Written by John Patrick Shanley, and directed by Mark Kaplan, Doubt features Jeff Johnson, Georgan George, Alli Kelly and REP newcomer, Cherrelle Elan. "All the elements come invigoratingly together like clockwork in this provocative new play. A gripping story of suspicion, DOUBT is a lean, potent dramapassionate, exquisite ... A gripping mystery, tightly written." Time Out NY Based upon a few circumstantial details and a lot of intuition, the ultra-stern nun, Sister Aloysius Beauvier believes that one of the priests at the St. Nicholas Catholic Church and School has been molesting a 12-year-old boy named Donald Muller, the school’s only African American student. Sister Aloysius recruits a young, naive nun (Sister James) to assist her in monitoring the suspicious yet charismatic Father Flynn. She also addresses her concerns to Donald’s mother, who surprisingly is not horrified or even shocked by the allegations. (Mrs. Muller is more concerned about her son getting into high school and avoiding a beating from his dad.) The play concludes with a confrontation between Sister Aloysius and Father Flynn as she attempts to get the truth out of the priest.

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