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Thursday, January 29

Friday, January 30

FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Vampire's Kiss (Blu-Ray release party)


611 N. Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA


Producer Barry Shils in person! Join us for a special 35mm screening of one of our fave horror comedies.

Before American Psycho took on the Eighties yuppie mantle as a horror metaphor, the vastly underseen and fantastically funny Vampire’s Kiss covered nearly identical territory with equally “biting” results. Coming from an era already ripe with cult classics, this unpredictable ride — from an eminently quotable and laugh-out-loud hilarious script by After Hours scribe Joseph Minion — deftly skewers upwardly-mobile NYC culture like no other, and was one of the first (and very best) films to utilize Nicolas Cage going full-tilt gonzo. The results, including Cage bravely demonstrating a bit of real-life cockroach eating, are unforgettable — but Vampire’s Kiss is more than just an exercise in gleeful insanity, as there are true moments of shock horror, a nerve-wracked performance by an endlessly tormented Maria Conchita Alonso, and a turn from Jennifer Beals at her vamped-out sexiest.

Dir. Robert Bierman, 1988, 35mm, 103 min..

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Late Masterworks Mozart & Bruckner

Walt Disney Concert Hall

111 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90012


Mozart, of course, did not know that the sublime B-flat Piano Concerto would be his last, but it did take him nearly three years to complete and is one of his most personal. Bruckner, however, did seem to have some premonition that the Ninth Symphony would be his last. The retrospective Adagio, on which he worked for most of his last two years, includes recollections of themes from three of his earlier works. He hoped to write a finale for the Ninth, but it hardly seems incomplete, floating away serenely with the Adagio after nearly an hour of musical struggle and triumph.

Come for: Final thoughts and grand achievements in Mozart’s last piano concerto and Bruckner’s magnificent unfinished symphony.

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The Wilson Exercises


631 W. 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA 90012


REDCAT presents The End of Summer: The Wilson Exercises, a duo exhibition with newly created work by Anna Craycroft and Marc Vives, guest-curated by the curatorial office Rivet. Developed during an ongoing, multi-year research project called The Wilson Exercises, the exhibition marks the first presentation of the artists in Los Angeles. 



The Wilson Exercises is a framework in which the artists and the curators have shared materials and research since fall 2012. The End of Summer is the first iteration of this research in exhibition format. The project suspends the pressure of finite outcome and deals with shared method and productive process, without clear distinctions between doing, making and showing.

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