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Friday, September 26

Tom Sturges presents and signs Every Idea Is a Good Idea: Be Creative Anytime, Anywhere

Book Soup

8818 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069


Access a level of creativity you never thought possible, using techniques Tom Sturges--former head of creative at Universal Music Publishing Group--learned in his 25-plus years in the music industry.

Everyone is innately creative. But many of us--especially those trying to develop careers in music and the arts--wish we knew how to better tap into our creative potential. Is there a way to more easily connect with the part of our minds that knows how to complete a song, finish a poem, or solve a problem?

Music industry veteran Tom Sturges argues that there is. Sturges--who, in his 25-plus-year career, has worked with artists from Carole King and the Foo Fighters to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Outkast--has developed dependable techniques to help you recognize and harness your own creative power, whenever and wherever you need it. Every Idea Is a Good Idea invites readers to find the pathway to their own creative endeavors. 

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Trey Anastasio with the Los Angeles Philharmonic

Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood, CA 90068


Trey Anastasio's music transcends the walls of traditional rock -- whether he's leading the band Phish with his unique vocals or composing original licks on his Martin guitar, Anastasio proves his virtuosity as an extremely well-rounded musician. Although he's played alongside a diverse group of acts ranging from Dave Matthews to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Anastasio always returns to his roots as a guitarist and composer, captivating audiences with his grand use of arpeggios and improvisation at his live shows. Hitting the road with a number of different bands, Anastasio will treat fans to hit-filled sets on his highly anticipated summer tour dates. 

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Wu Tang Clan

The Forum

Inglewood, 90305


Emerging in 1993, when Dr. Dre's G-funk had overtaken the hip-hop world, the Staten Island, NY-based Wu-Tang Clan proved to be the most revolutionary rap group of the mid-'90s - and only partially because of their music. Turning the standard concept of a hip-hop crew inside out, the Wu-Tang Clan were assembled as a loose congregation of nine MCs, almost as a support group. 

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5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036


1964, 93 minutes, black and white, 35mm | Produced and directed by William Castle; written by Robert Bloch; with Joan Crawford, Diane Baker, Leif Erickson, Howard St. John, John Anthony Hayes, Rochelle Hudson, and George Kennedy

Joan Crawford followed her smash hit What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? with this memorable psychological thriller about an ax murderer trying for a new start in life. Crawford plays Lucy Harbin, a woman who spent 20 years in a mental institution after killing her unfaithful husband and his lover. Released from the asylum, Lucy tries to renew her relationship with her now-adult daughter (Diane Baker, of Marnie and The Silence of the Lambs), only to become the prime suspect when the ax starts falling again. The supporting cast features Hollywood veteran Leif Erickson and George Kennedy, and the original screenplay was written by none other than master horror writer and Psycho novelist Robert Bloch.

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