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Wednesday, August 12

A Pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existence


611 N. Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA


The most distinctive Swedish filmmaker since Ingmar Bergman, Roy Andersson concludes the trilogy he began with the acclaimed Songs from the Second Floor and You, the Living with this astonishing mixture of the absurd, the hilarious, the shocking, and the horrifying. Presented as a series of darkly comic vignettes, Pigeon shifts between two loose narrative strands: in one, two hapless novelty salesmen wander around town trying to sell their inventory of vampire fangs and rubber masks; in the other, Charles XII, Sweden’s most bellicose king, reappears in modern times to carry on his series of disastrous defeats. Shifting between nightmare, fantasy, reverie, and even an impromptu musical number, Pigeon is a dazzling, provocative, and very disturbing critique of our times.  Dir. Roy Andersson, 2014, DCP, 101 min.



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Thursday, August 13

Gallery Tour: The Art of Looking—Art of Japan


5905 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036


he natural world has long been as a source of inspiration and contemplation in Japanese art and culture. This facilitated gallery tour looks at folding-screen paintings in the museum's collection, examining landscapes and representations of the seasons. Different approaches to capturing nature have produced paintings that encompass a range of meanings, subject matter, and technique. Art historian and educator Kristin Bengtson leads the tour.

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