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Sunday, July 5

Monday, July 6

Butterfly Pavilion at the Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

900 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA


The Butterfly Pavilion is open at the Natural History Museum for the summer.

More than 53 different butterfly and moth species and an array of plants take up residence every summer for the much-anticipated seasonal exhibit, the Butterfly Pavilion. Wander through a unique changing ecosystem, witness free-flying creatures interacting with plant life, and emerge with a better understanding of the environment needed for the survival of these spectacular animals.

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In Focus: Animalia

Getty Villa Malibu

17985 Pacific Coast Highway, Los Angeles, CA


Photographs of animals have circulated since the early history of the medium, initially focusing on those that were tame, captive, or dead. Advancements in camera and film technologies enabled precise recordings of beasts in motion and, eventually, in their natural habitats. Spanning the history of photography, this exhibition examines the expanding tradition of animal representation through the works of artists such as Adolphe Braun, Lisette Model, Horatio Ross, Taryn Simon, Sandy Skoglund, and Alfred Stieglitz, among others.

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Story Time in the Galleries


5905 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036


Ever wonder why dragons love tacos and why crayons decided to quit one day? Join Boone Gallery staff every Monday and Friday at 2 pm in the Korean art galleries as they take us on a reading journey into a world of folk tales and colors. Relate the stories to the art in the Chinese and Korean galleries in a comfortable space suitable for families and children of all ages. Admission is free!

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Terry Masear discusses and signs Fastest Things on Wings: Rescuing Hummingbirds in Hollywood

Book Soup

8818 Sunset Blvd, Austin, CA 90069


Before he collided with a limousine, Gabriel, an Anna's hummingbird with a head and throat cloaked in iridescent magenta feathers, could spiral 130 feet in the air, dive 60 miles per hour in a courtship display, hover, and fly backward. When he arrived in rehab caked in road grime, he was so badly injured that he could barely perch. But Terry Masear, one of the busiest hummingbird rehabbers in the country, was determined to save this damaged bird, who seemed oddly familiar. During the four months that Terry worked with Gabriel, she took in 160 hummingbirds, from a miniature nestling rescued by a bulldog and a fledgling trapped inside a skydiving wind tunnel at Universal CityWalk, to Pepper, a female Anna's injured on a film set. In their time together, Pepper and Gabriel form a special bond and, together, with Terry's help, learn to fly again. Woven around Gabriel's and Pepper's stories are those of other colorful birds in this personal narrative filled with the science and magic surrounding these fascinating creatures. A heartwarming account of the trials and triumphs a hummingbird rehabber encounters while caring for her tiny, fragile patients. 

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The Mint

6010 Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA


Pistachio is, well, a nutty band. Formed in the fall of 2014 by old sailing buddies Devin Hollister and Antony D’Avirro with drummer Zach Briefer, Pistachio has quickly found their way combining the funky rhythms characteristic of 1970’s soul with an unabashed rock and roll flare. From the outset, the band set out to do something different by combining the unique aspects of the wide variety of genres they grew up listening to. Their influences ranged from rock and funk, all the way to latin and Eastern European folk music. However, the band found common ground during their tenure in the University of California, Berkeley’s Jazz program. Their early gigs solidified a sound built from rich harmonies, funky grooves, and improvisation. In November 2014, the band worked furiously to record their first EP, Tehuantepec. Released in February 2015, the EP is a dish best served piping hot on a platter of groove.

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The Echo

1822 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026


SOAK has won widespread praise, and comparisons ranging from Laura Marling to Cat Power, for her textured tales of adolescence, family and friendship. Still just 18 years old, Bridie Monds-Watson has been performing in her home of Derry since the age of 14, where she'd split her time between studying, the local skate-park, and her burgeoning songwriting (touring in the school holidays, and launching Derry's City of Culture hours before a GCSE exam). Then, in 2014 she became the first signing to CHVRCHES' singles label, releasing the beautiful 'Blud' and touring with the likes of George Ezra and Tegan & Sara. In the same summer that most of her friends got their ALevel results, SOAK penned an album deal with Rough Trade Records and aired the beautiful 'B a noBody'.

Her forthcoming album will cement Bridie Monds-Watson's ascent from a raw talent to a unique artistic voice for 2015 ("a vivid portrait of teenage deep-thinking…intricate, ambiguous psychodramas" Guardian)

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