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Friday, December 11

Liminar Sonido #13: The Music and Legacy of Julián Carrillo

REDCAT Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater

631 West 2nd St, Los Angeles, 90012


The ensemble Liminar, one of the most accomplished groups in Mexico’s roaring creative music scene, presents a special two-night showcase centered on the visionary microtonal oeuvre of Mexican modernist composer Julián Carrillo (1875–1965). Initially developed around 1900, Carrillo’s music theory, Sonido #13, was one of the earliest systems in the Western classical tradition to move beyond the 12-note octave. His pioneering microtonality found its first full expression in the landmark Preludio a Colón (1924/25), two versions of which anchor the Liminar program. In addition to several other key pieces dating from the 1920s through the ’50s, the lineup features new and recent works, some commissioned by Liminar, that build on Carrillo’s artistic legacy. They include compositions by Juan Cristóbal Cerrillo, Valeria Jonard, Juan Sebastián Lach, Sergio Luque, Liliana Rodriguez and Carlos Iturralde—Liminar’s co-artistic director, with Alexander Bruck and Carmina Escobar.

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Beach House

Fonda Theatre

6126 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA


(ALSO DEC. 10 AND DEC. 12) The Beach House you're about to meet isn't the same you may remember from before. Lives have been shuffled, tangled and re-aligned.When Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally returned home to Baltimore last Winter, they were worn thin from touring and travel. But deep inside them hot energies were incubating, ideas they had been whispering back and forth in the wake of their sophomore full-length, 2008's Devotion. By the following spring they began handing themselves over completely to those impulses, holing themselves up and exchanging ideas in a new, secluded practice space for dangerously long periods of time. As the songs that would become Teen Dream began to live, breathe and take shape, the duo was forced to leave much of their personal lives behind them. "We're the same people, but this record has changed our directions," Legrand muses. "We were forced to let go of people and things we were holding onto as individuals: normalcy, daily rituals, the ability to take care of ourselves. We were dropped into a wilderness, but we had more clarity than we've ever had before."Still driven to avoid distraction, the two marched further into isolation, to bottle up all those wild visions away from home. They packed up their lives and settled into a converted church in upstate New York with producer Chris Coady. For a month they continued the birthing process, sweating and pushing out sounds inside a cocoon of their very own weaving. "It wasn't about arriving at a church and it revolutionizing a feeling," Scally notes. "It was a continuation of what we were doing without disruption. Whenever something good happens, we look at each other and we know that was it. It's instinctual and its private." Through the course of a month, they chased down songs and dark rushes, the creative telepathy that Scally and Legrand share together taking a strangely physical hold. "There's a different level of intimacy, a physicality on Teen Dream," Legrand explains, pacing back and forth. "Rhythmically, there's new motion. This record touches you. On your chest."The skyward pulse of "Walk In the Park" and "10 Mile Stereo" elicit just those reactions, two vibrant, volcanic examples of a record and band bursting at its incandescent seams. It is without question, more expansive and moving than anything they have shared before. "I'm ready to give it away," Legrand says of this, their first effort as part of the Sub Pop family. "I'm done holding onto it. I want to give it away, I want it to become something else for people. It is born now. "Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand are from Baltimore, Maryland. They are not a couple and Teen Dream is their third full-length album.

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El Rey Theatre

5515 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036


“I think there’s something particularly ‘Kelela’ about starting on a somber note;” this is how Kelela introduces her sublime, shape-shifting new EP, and in particular the cavernous tumble of its first song “A Message.” While the track continually falls to pieces and puts itself back together again, Kelela duets with a disembodied spectre of herself recounting the emotional purgatory of a newly abandoned relationship. It’s more than an opening song, it is the moment that launches the narrative arc that is the backbone of the EP, titled Hallucinogen.

Kelela expands, “It speaks to the narcotic that is loving someone. It makes you exhilarated, it makes you feel drained, it’s in your body and it affects you so completely”, and thus the record opens with a pair of tracks that conjure the feeling of emerging from an opiate haze and into the light of the EP’s middle section. “Gomenasai” is a stunningly low-slung piece of grime-influenced futurism, with Kelela buoyed by Nguzunguzu’s MA on production. “I think it’s more honest and realistic to start with the ultimate low, but equally there has to be hope, and this is where “Rewind” comes in.” Co-produced by Kelela/Kingdom/Nugget, “Rewind” perfectly embodies the breathless euphoria of infatuation. Kelela steers some mutant form of Miami-bass-freestyle-electro to a sweaty basement rave where furtive companions lock eyes across a chaotic dance floor. “All The Way Down” (prod. By DJ Dahi) follows, and the timid interactions are replaced with an empowered courageous nerve…the decision to go all the way in love again, despite having dealt with heartbreak. By the end of the song Kelela’s voice has become a submerged, pitch-shifted blur asking “what you wanna do?”

Rather than answer her question, the title track brings up many more. “Hallucinogen” might be the most aptly-titled track you hear this year, a queasy psychedelic odyssey in which Kelela intones like a wordless shaman while the world literally shatters around her. Born out of the same series of sessions with Arca that begat “A Message,” Kelela’s instinctual harmonizing dances around the beat, telling the story of ecstasy through impulse, with sounds and shapes rather than lyrics. The ‘reset’ button has been hit and the glow has faded as a monochromatic chopped-and screwed techno pulse by Gifted & Blessed carries Kelela through the euphoric peak on “The High”, an indulgent surrender that leads to a restarting of the cycle, “then you go straight back into ‘A Message’ from ‘The High’ – from hedonism to heartbreak – it’s very much a continuum.”

Hallucinogen represents a turning point for Kelela, marking only the second release of her ascendant career after the out-of-nowhere runaway success of the Cut 4 Me mixtape that made her name. As an artist Kelela plays a role not unlike that of her longtime fan Bjork, orchestrating the electronic avant-garde in pursuit of her unique vision. “I’m pulling things out of people to create a culture clash in me. I’ve spent so much time synthesizing inside myself to realize the songs.”

Kelela developed her approach singing over experimental instrumentals thinking to herself, “is there a place for a weird black girl in this music?’ – I had to make sense of these two things inside myself, the color of my voice in all it’s R&B glory and all the other music that was resonating with me.” With this EP, she has made that place – pulling the parts together under the umbrella of Kelela, incorporating different voices and inspirations, from Janet to Wiley, from Tamia to Aphex Twin– a universe Kelela is building for herself. With her album epic well underway, Kelela’s vision of progressive soul music is about to shine very bright. Hallucinogen is a strikingly realized piece that brings that into sharp focus.

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Saturday, December 12

Treasure It Together Weekend at the Historic Southwest Museum Site

Southwest Museum

234 Museum Dr, Los Angeles, 90065


Treasure It Together Weekend: two days of fun activities for all ages that celebrate the creativity, energy, rich history, and diversity of Northeast Los Angeles. Visitors of all ages can participate in activities ranging from outdoor yoga to independent film, and covering everything from L.A. history to the local environment.

The December weekend kicks off a series of events presented by the Autry and the National Trust to showcase this local community landmark in a way that actively contributes to the cultural fabric of Los Angeles. The events follow the National Trust’s January 2015 designation of the Southwest Museum site as a National Treasure and the recent release of a Stakeholder Interview Summary Report that explores ideas and opportunities related to its future.

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